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February 2024 Catalog

Updated February 2/21/24

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Received the new “Civil War Relics of the Western Campaigns” book today. Found my name in contributor section as a pics contributor. Honored. Thanks. Turned to Mississippi Section and saw my relics on page 137…..the whole page. Wow thanks again. This will be cherished by myself and family for a long time.

Check out our latest finds in the May/June 2022 Issue of American Digger Magazine-


Check out my recent finds in the March/April 2019 Issue of American Digger Magazine- CS Louisiana Cuff Button, US Marine Button, Three Cent Silver Coin, Seated Liberty Silver Dime, and Plantation Token.

Check out my Article(Mississippi Memories-30 Years of Deep South Digging) in the July/August 2015 Issue of American Digger Magazine.

I am proud to let everyone know that I was one of the four volunteers that helped Police find the gun that was used to kill Jackson Police Officer Glen Agee. Check out the Story by clicking on the Link below.


Above is a pic of Joe Barnett and myself hunting the water where Police Officer Agee and the criminal fought. At first, we were reluctant to check out the creek because many snakes had been spotted in the area and the Police said they had covered it pretty well but I insisted on us getting in the water due to our equipment plus I dont like leaving any area unchecked. With relentless determination Joe found the gun in deep water.

Civil War Connection is proud to have made a contribution of expertise in the newly published Warman's Civil War Collectibles by John F. Graf.   The book's information was obtained from  some of the most knowledgable experts and dealers representing various regions of the country.  It is a superb Price Guide for Civil War memorabilia containing 571 pages with numerous pics & detailed descriptions making it an invaluable and easy to understand tool for anyone interested in Civil War memorabilia from expert to beginner.

Antique Artillery

*All Artillery Shells have been disarmed and rendered inert*

CS 32 pound Wood Plug Shell- very hard size to come by, VG condition  SOLD

AR78. US/CS 6 Pd Solid Shot Cannonball- used by both sides, Very Fine condition $175.00  SOLD

AR86. Civil War CS 24 pd Wood Plug Shell- Good to VG iron, much harder to come by then a 12 pd wood plug   SOLD

AR87. Scarce 18 pd. Solid Shot- VG iron, hard size to come by due to Rarity of that size Cannon    SOLD

AR88. Hotchkiss Nose frag with Fuse- Vicksburg Campaign relic, unique find $55.00  SOLD

Civil War CS Reed Shell Nose- local find, cool relic $39.00  SOLD

Civil War Burton Nose Frag with Fuse- cool relic and hard to come by $75.00

Three CS Copper Fuses- 2 Small CS Fuses- $59.00 each. Tall CS Fuse- $69.00

AR92. Union Hotchkiss Fuse- dug Vicksburg campaign $32.00

Civil War Bormann Fuse- good condition. Would look sweet in a Bormann Shell needing a fuse. $49.00  SOLD

AR94. Civil War Bormann Fuse- good condition. Would look sweet in Bormann Shell needing a fuse. $49.00  SOLD to JD

AR95. Civil War 24 Pd. Bormann Shell- inert, Fine iron, nice fuse, hard to come by size  $375.00 SOLD

AR96. Civil War 10 Pd. Parrott Shell- inert, Very Fine iron, paper time zinc fuse, dropped shell, perfect sabot(Rare) $295.00 SOLD

AR97. US/CS 6 Pd Solid Shot Cannonball- used by both sides, Fine condition $175.00

AR98. Scarce 24 pd. Solid Shot- VG to Fine iron, hard size to come by, mainly used in deep south sieges,
Rarity 7 Cannonball   $250.00
AR99. Civil War CS 12 pd Wood Plug Shell- VG iron, getting tough to find, cool inexpensive CS shells  $255.00

AR100. Civil War 12 Pd. Bormann- exploded shell, retains half with 10 Case shot found on same hill, Cool Relic $135.00  SOLD

AR101. Civil War Union Hotchkiss Nose- with Brass paper time Fuse, Fine condition $159.00


Civil War Bottles

CWB1. French Barrel Mustard- figural barrel mustard jar from Louit Freres & Co. of France. This bottle was blown in clear (decolorized - possibly leaded glass) glass batch into a two-part private mold and finished with a hand-rolled tooled lip in the 1850's era. Embossed: "Moutarde Diaphane / Louit Freres & Co." "T 90" code -embossed on the frontal heel. The base shows a wonderful quarter-sized (coin) scar pontil. It can be felt with the finger and measures: 1 1/4" in diameter. A wonderful pontil jar recovered in a NW Philadelphia household dump aprrox. 10 years ago. It is in great dug condition with no damage at all. It sparkles and shines as if made the other day. Three rings molded high on the body and three more low, as seen in the images. It measures: 5" x 2 1/8" at the base.  $55.00 and free shipping  SOLD

CWB2. Rare Civil War Blueish Green Whiskey- light emerald blue/Green, 10 1/4 tall, three part mold, Fine condition $49.00 and free shipping  SOLD


Buckles & Plates

BP84. Confederate Wishbone Buckle- Gorgeous green petina, CS Soldier lost his hook and put this one on, Cool buckle   $395.00 SOLD 

BP85. CS Snake Buckle- with Snake and one Loop, crack in middle of Loop, Rust in middle and evidence of leather or something on that loop, probably used something iron and leather to try to save loop, cool relic, $215.00 and free shipping  SOLD

BP107. US Cartridge Boxplate- clear face, missing some lead, no hooks, Vicksburg Campaign $105 and free shipping  SOLD

BP108. US Eagle Breastplate- no hooks, clear sharp face, Vicksburg Campaign $115 and free shipping SOLD

BP111. Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle- Very Good condition, with both hooks and Bat Wing which still has some leather attached to it  $115 SOLD

BP112. CS Snake Buckle-
Fine condition, dug in sandy soil, complete with Belt loop keeper  SOLD

BP113. CS Miss/Texas Tonque for Buckle-
had a Star disc on the end, Rare Tonque, used by Mississippi and Texas Troops  $275.00  SOLD

BP115. US Boxplate- smooth face, with both hooks. $155 and free shipping  SOLD

BP116. Union Eagle Officer Sword Buckle-
with Wreath, Fine condition SOLD

BP117. Rare Civil War Cavalry Carbine Sling Belt Buckle- Marked TJ Shepard and E Gaylord Chicopee MA, with bat wing, Very hard to come by $159 and free shipping  SOLD

BP118. US Buckle- with all three hooks, dug near Vicksburg. $95 and free shipping

Union Eagle Breastplate- with one hook, dug near Vicksburg $65 and free shipping

BP120. Union Eagle Officer Sword Buckle-
Fine condition, non dug, Stamped $195.00




BU1. Union Massachussetts Volunteer Militia Button - with shank, non dug, loaded with Gold Gilt, Very Fine condition $28.00  SOLD

BU6. Union Patriotic Button - cuff size, with shank, Very Fine Condition  $35.00

BU7. Napoleonic Pewter Infantry Button
-   cuff size, pewter, with shank, B/M- "LYON", found in a Box of French Military Buttons marked 7HUSS and 7REG Grenadiers, Very Fine condition, Rare  $25.00

BU10. Early Naval Button - made of brass, very hard to come by, with shank, Fine condition  $55.00

BU14. Union Staff Officer Button- cuff size, with shank, dug in LA, Gold Gilt on face, Fine condition   $15.00

BU17. Maine State Seal Button- with shank, small push on face & small portion of rim missing, Scovill B/M, loaded in Gold Gilt, Scarce Button  $69.00

BU76. US/CS Voltiquers "V" Button- Rare, with shank, in VG condition. The Voltiquers were a Special Forces unit that used Light Mountain Howitzers & Hale's Rocket Launchers during the Mexican War. Robert E. Lee and Joseph Johnston both commanded the Voltiquers. Interesting fact is the Voltiquers wore a light grey uniform opposed to the dark blue of the other uniforms. Coincidently, these two future great Confederate Generals donned the "grey" a full decade and a half before the Civil War. These buttons were used by Southern Troops during the Civil War. They were distributed to LA and VA troops for Civil War usage and are found in their Camps. Seldom seen for sell, buy this one while you can at this price due to the scarceness & history.  $225.00  SOLD

BU100. MVM(Mass. Volunteer Militia) Button- Gorgeous with shank, hard to find non dug $45 shipped to your door

BU101. CS Cast "I" Infantry Button- fine condition, dug near Canton, MS by John Perkins  $139.00 and free shipping SOLD

BU102. Union Officer Button- coat size, non dug, with swatch of cloth, very cool!    $95.00

BU103. Confederate Artillery "A" Button- VG condition, with shank, local B/M, dug near Vicksburg  $149.00

BU104. Confederate Lined "I" Infantry Button- local B/M. Fine condition, with shank  $159.00
BU105. CS Solid Cast “I” Button- with shank, Fine condition, dug near Canton, MS by John Perkins  $139 and free shipping SOLD

BU107. Union Cavalry Kepi Button- with uniform cloth still on the back, Very Good condition $35  SOLD

BU108. CS Infantry Block "I" Button-  with shank, Fine condition, outstanding tin back, seldom seen this nice $129.00

BU111. Confederate  Manuscript "A" Artillery Button- no shank, Good condition, scarce button $225.00

BU112 Confederate Solid Cast One Piece Infantry button- minus shank which is typical, made of pewter, Fine condition, hard to find $159.00

BU113. Confederate Infantry Button- Puffy rim, Fine face, no shank $105.00

BU114. CS Solid Cast Infantry Button- with shank, dug Vicksburg Campaign, Confederate General Loring's Camp, and Fine condition. $135 and free shipping

BU115. CS Solid Cast Infantry Butto
n- with shank, dug Vicksburg Campaign, Confederate General Loring's Camp, and Fine condition. $135 and free shipping

BU116. Union Overcoat Infantry “I” Button- very fine condition, with shank, non dug, loaded in Gold Gilt, tough size to find $39 shipped to your door SOLD

BU117. Union Overcoat Artillery “A” Button- very fine condition, with shank, non dug, loaded in Gold Gilt, tough size to find $49 shipped to your door SOLD

BU118. Two Large Livery Buttons- Very Good condition, with shanks, dug at a Plantation in New Orleans. Used as a Family Crest and worn by Servants/Slaves.Both for $28.00  SOLD

BU119. Union Cavalry Button- with Gold gilt, has shank, VF condition, Gorgeous  $55.00


Antique Cartridges & Bullets

C1.  Enfield - with remnants of powder in base, from the 'CS Wishing Well' odd bullet, large base that tapers off at the nose - has ring around nose. Drop, Fine condition.    $20.00  SOLD

C3. .44 Short Cartridge
- non-dug, in brass casing, VF condition    $25.00  C4. Carved Two-Ring Bullet - Soldier made, he carved this Bullet into a fine point $8.00

C5. Two Poker Chips -  dug near Vicksburg, nicely made, $7.00

C42. Rare Agar Machine Gun Cartridge- Fine condition, with bullet & Cap, not sure if they were married together or found that way, either way complete and very cool SOLD

C45. Unique 45 Caliber Bullet- fired, VG shape, faint hexagonal rifling, only one inch long, dish base, dug near Vicksburg $25  SOLD

C46. CS Tower Bullet- big bullet, drop, Fine condition, dug Bovina, MS $35  SOLD

C48. CS Tower Bullet- big bullet, drop, deep cavity, Fine condition, dug Bovina, MS $35.00

C49. Italian Garibaldi(Carcano) Bullet- 69 caliber, drop, Fine condition, seldom seen bullet, dug in Central MS  $39.00  SOLD

C50. Civil War Burnside Cartridge- Very Fine, non dug, gorgeous cartridge $59 and free shipping  SOLD

C51. CS Bullet Group- 54 Greene Enfield Bullet and 3 Tower Enfield Bullets. $58.00

C52. Very Rare CS French Lovell based bullet- fine condition, dug at Port Hudson $105 and free shipping  SOLD 


BK1. Gun Collector's Handbook Of Values - by Charles Edward Chapel, 4th edition, Copyright 1958, VG condition, 398 pages, Hardback  $18.00

BK2. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War - Volume III, The Tide Shifts, by Castle Books, 1995, 752 pages, hardback with jacket, excellent condition  $16.00

BK3. Decisive Battles of the Civil War - by Lt. Col Joseph B. Mitchell, paperback, still in original plastic shrinkwrap. Has 35 maps designed by author.  $8.00

BK4.  Shiloh - by Shelby Foote, Copyright 1952, Special Edition for Shiloh Military Trail Hikers, page 226, very good condition, paperback. $10.00 SOLD

BK5.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume XLIX No. 1, February 1987,  contains stories: Poor Relief in Antebellum Mississippi, Riverboat Accounting & Profitability and US Senators & Representatives from Mississippi 1828-1836.  Fine condition, paperback, 80 pages.  $4.00

BK6.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume LX, No. 1 Spring, 1998, contains: Lost Chance to Save Vicksburg, fine condition, paperback, $4.00

BK7.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume LIV, No. 2, May 1992, contains: Forgiven or Forgotten, the Image of Jeff Davis and The Overthrow of Reconstruction in Mississippi. Fine condition, paperback.  $4.00

BK8.  Plantation Homes of Louisiana - by Pelican Publishing Company, copyright 1989, 128 pages, very good condition paperback.  $9.00

BK9.  Civil War Sites in Virginia, A Tour Guide - by James I. Robertson, Jr., copyright 1985, 100 page paperback, very good condition.  $8.00

BK10.  Musket to M14 - Pistols, Rifles and Machine Guns through the Years,  by C. B. Colby, copyright 1960, 48 page hardback, fine condition.  $18.00

BK11. Report of the Rhode Island Monument at Andersonville, GA - by E.L. Freeman & Sons, VG condition, 1903, hard to come by Book  $65.00

BK12. Decision In Mississippi- by Edwin Bearss, VG condition, extremely Rare and desirable Book, Autograped & dated by Bearss  $115.00   SOLD

BK13. The Public Life of John Brown - by James Redpath, VG condition, published in 1860 in Boston, Rare Book  $55.00

BK14. The Gunboat Series Before Vicksburg- dated 1866, by H.C. Castlemon, VG
condition  $29.00

BK15. Plates and Buckles of the American Military- by Sidney Kerksis in 1987, VG to Fine condition, a must have for Civil War Buckle & Plate Collectors, only $49.00  SOLD



Discount on all images- 10% off

I1.  Andrew Johnson CDV -  no backmark, very good condition, clear image.    $65.00

I2.  John Slidell CDV - engraving, fine.  $18.00

I3.  CDV of George Washington - Fine condition,   $20.00

I4. CDV of Grant Holding his Daughter - clear image, VG condition  $39.00  SOLD

I5. CDV of Union General Wadsworth - by Wm. Ballantyne, Washington DC- period writing under image "Our General", Fine condition  $35.00

I6. CDV of General McClellan  & Wife - clear image, VG condition  $39.00  SOLD

I8. CDV of 4 Women - the Lady in the Middle appears to be an Angel with light around her, the other women are kneeling at her side, dated 1864 by John Soule, VG condition  $25.00

I12. Twelve Female CDV's- all are VG+ condition  SOLD

M1.  Civil War Original Chess Box - wooden, with 1 chess piece, VG condition.  $29.00

M4. Civil War Ivory Game Markers - pair of Game markers, made of Ivory, used by soldiers to pass time  $25.00

M7. Confederate Isaac Campbell Knapsack Hook- made of iron which is Rare, dug at Middle TN    $85.00

M8. Early 1800's- Civil War Period Silversmith's Hammer - with original wooden handle, fine condition, seldom seen Tool  $75.00

M10. Large 1851 Dated Brass Bucket - Fine condition, "H.W. Haydens/Patent/Dec. 16, 1851" on bottom of the bucket, Very Rare, $175.00  SOLD

M12. Civil War Period Brass Chamber Stick- for a Candle, type used by Soldiers in Camp, Fine Condition  $45.00

M13. 1863 Indian Head Store Token- "Grocer" on back, VG condition  $19.00

M15. Civil War Dominos- two Dominos in a Case   $20.00

M16. Eagle Top- made of brass, top of some kind of container, droop winged eagle with Stars,
unique relic  $25.00

M94. Extremely Rare 1860 Cherokee Bible- Fine condition, seldom ever seen, written in Cherokee, Dated 1860, Museum Quality, one of the Rarest Bibles from that era  $1250.00

M151. Rare 1850's Dollar Gold Coin Love Token- Fine condition, excellent engraving, cool relic  SOLD

M155. Clay Pipe & Alex Finlay/New Orleans Toothbrush- dug together in New Orleans at a Plantation Site- nice pair of relics  $55.00  SOLD

M174. Unique 1848 Bible/Hymnal- owned by Ada Clark, her name on front, Bible is in real good condition to be so old, envelope inside from family member with a postcard which has a picture of her. $49.00  SOLD

M186. CS "Iron" Knapsack Hook- VG condition, dug near Vicksburg in Osterhaus Camp, hard to come by made of Iron  $45.00

M189. Eley London Percussion Cap Box- fine condition, highly used by both sides during Civil War  $39.00  SOLD

M190. New Orleans 1860 Seated Liberty Half Dollar- only coin made early war for Confederacy at New Orleans Mint. Very desireable and collectible $65.00  SOLD

M191. Infantry Bugle Hat Pin-
Fine condition, hard to come by this nice $125.00

M192. Four sets of Civil War Matches-  all 4 sets for only for $29.00

M204. Civil War CDV & Memphis Tenn. Cover-Southern Bell-Amazing Hoop Skirt- the CDV of the woman is fantastic and highly detailed with an amazing hoop skirt. Her hair is fine and she is very beautiful. The  CDV was originally with this letter but the actual script has gone missing. The fancy cancel Mark is from Memphis Tennessee dated December( looks like Dec.8th 1864) with a beautiful rose red Washington 3-cent stamp. It is addressed to Madison County Illinois. The envelope is in very good condition with no rips or staining $29.00

M205. Civil War Handcuffs- made by Providence Tool Company, Fine condition, cool relic SOLD

M206. 1860 New Orleans Half Dollar Seated Liberty Coin- nice eye appeal, used by Confederates and Union, Good-Very Good condition,  SOLD

M208. Civil War Glasses- with carry case, fine condition, cool relic $65.00

M209. Period Brass Wedding Band- dug near Vicksburg, lots of gold gilt remains $28  SOLD

M210. Civil War Wallet- fine condition, designs on front SOLD

M211. Colt .31 Caliber Bullet Mold- dug many years ago, VG condition, you can open and close it which is sweet $85 and free shipping  SOLD

M212. Two Musket Lock Plates- one is flintlock period and the other is Civil War. Both for $35 and free shipping  SOLD

M213. Nice Group of Civil War Relics- Scovill marked spoon from dump(concrete dirt cleaned off), Colt bullet, poker chip, fishing weight, Enfield, heart ring, 2 watch keys, coin button, lead circle, ornate piece, Williams cleaner carved bullet, underwear button, and what looks like top of flask. $35 and free shipping  SOLD

M214. New Orleans 1857 O Seated Liberty Dime- VG condition, holed by Soldier for wearing $16.00  SOLD

M215. Seated Liberty 1855 Half Dime and 1856 Seated Liberty Half Dime- both VG condition, 1855 was made into a button or jewelry, 1856 was holed for wearing also  Both unique Half Dimes for $32.00 SOLD

M216. Civil War Hyde & Goodrich Coin Silver Spoon- famous New Orleans maker of Southern goods for individuals and CS Army, Fine condition with Initials SOLD

M217. Presidential 1860 Stephen Douglas Campaign Token- he ran against Abe Lincoln, Herschel V. Johnson on reverse, loaded in Gold Gilt  $175.00 and free shipping. Special Price- $145.00  SOLD

M218. Arthur's 1862 Home Magazine- contents complete, fair to good condition, interesting reading  $29.00

M219. 1861 New Orleans Half Dollar Seated Liberty Coin- used by Confederates and Union, Good-Very Good condition,  $65.00  SOLD

M220. Civil War Cavalry Sword- dug Vicksburg campaign, War damaged, Cool relic, If this sword could talk  $275.00  SOLD

M221. Civil War Mississippi Saber Bayonet- dug Vicksburg Campaign, hard to find anywhere, Rare, very cool dug relic $225.00  SOLD

M225. Civil War Import Bayonet/Side Knife- Fine condition, Soldier converted Bayonet into a Fighting Side Knife, marked S & K on blade, very cool relic $215.00  SOLD

M226. Two Civil War Gun Tools and a Bullet Puller- dug near Vicksburg. All for $49.00

M227. 16th South Carolina Infantry Soldier ID on Lead Poker Chip- dug in 16th South Carolina Infantry camp. 1 is partially there, 6 and SC are easy to see. Unique Soldier Art. Back has what looks like square nail pecks. This unit was attached to CS Brig. Gen. Gist's Brigade, of Maj. Gen. William H.T. Walker's Division, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston's Army of Relief, Department of the West, and commanded by Col. James McCullough. Very cool relic from Vicksburg Campaign. $95.00  SOLD

M228. Allen & Wheelock Pistol-
barn find relic, gunsmith expertly repaired handle by handcrafting one inch brass piece, very cool, Serial #137, extra long Clint Eastwood Dirty harry barrel, reach out and touch someone   $195.00  SOLD

5 Civil War Belt Keepers- one still has some leather $40.00

M231. CIVIL WAR SAVAGE REVOLVING FIRE-ARMS CO. NAVY MODEL REVOLVER- Original Civil War Savage Navy Model Revolver in .36 caliber percussion. This is a dug relic example……a classic Civil War revolver. To me Savage is the most intimidating looking revolver used during the Civil War. Vastly outshines Colt in appearance. Centerpiece of any collection. SOLD

M232. Union Jeff Davis Hat Pin- with hooks, Fine condition, hard to come by with hooks  $155.00  SOLD

M233. Rare 1850’s Gold $1 Love Token- fine condition, very hard to find,

M234. Union Schenkl Fuse with center cap- dug near Vicksburg, VG condition $89 and free shipping

M235. Liberty 1850's Gole Love Token- Fine condition, script RLW on back, unique relic  $189 and free shipping SOLD

M236. 1854 Liberty Gold $1 Love Token
- Fine condition, very hard to find, gorgeous carved initials, with pin attachment, very cool $189 and free shipping  SOLD

M237. Civil War Half Dime Love Token- dug at a Plantation near Vicksburg, VG condition $24.00 and free shipping SOLD

M238. Civil War Wallet- VG condition, perfect size for Civilians and Soldiers $55 and free shipping

JESUS CHRIST BIBLE THEOLOGY1861 Illustrations of The Parables, 223 pages, VG condition $29.00 and free shipping

M240. Antique Manilla West African Tribal Currency Slave Bracelet Trade Money- Very Fine condition  $39 and free shipping  SOLD

M241. Confederate Cavalry Spur with CS and Stars-
Sweet CS heat! Made by Leech & Rigdon. And has rowel which is hard to come by. Had crack on one stem but expertly fixed. Dug near Vicksburg by a friend of mine. $1175 and free shipping SOLD

M242. Mexican Spanish Colonial 1821 Reale-
1 Reale, good condition, made into a charm  $28.00  SOLD

M243. Spanish Mexico 1/2 Reale Silver Colonial Coin- VG condition $29.00 SOLD

M244. Silver 1839 Seated Liberty Coin- made into a charm, VG condition $17.00

M245. CS Enfield Bayonet- dug in CS Camp near Vicksburg, Fine condition $125.00  SOLD

Rare Gold 1850’s Princess $1 Love Token- very rare and very cool, nice condition $195 and free shipping

M247. Rare 1850’s Liberty $1 Gold Love Token- very rare and very cool, nice condition $195 and free shipping  SOLD

Civil War Bullet in Wood- looks like possibly a Sharps with two rings in middle? Cool relic. $59 and free shipping

Mitchell & Tyler 1850's Coin Silver Spoons- famous Civil War Military supplier in Richmond VA, $45 each or $150 for all 4 Spoons. Free shipping

Civil War Skeleton Key- found near Vicksburg, 4 inches long $19 and free shipping  SOLD

M251. Civil War Union Cavalry Button- loaded in Gold Gilt, stand up shank, Overcoat size, tough tough to dig $85 and free shipping

M254. Seated Liberty 1853 Love Token- cool relic, hard to find $25 and free shipping

M255. Three Cent 1853 Coin
- cool relic, hard to find, Holed by Soldier for wearing, dug at a Camp Site near Vicksburg $25 and free shipping

M256. Liberty Bust 1832 Coin
- cool relic, hard to find, Holed for wearing and used as a Button Replacement $25 and free shipping

M257. Liberty Bust 1832 Coin
- cool relic, hard to find, Holed for wearing and not losing somewhere $25 and free shipping


Paper Items

P1.  Gettysburg Centennial Stamp (1863-1963) - fine condition.    $4.00

P2  Wilderness Centennial Stamp (1864-1964) - fine condition.    $4.00

 P5. (1857) Summons from Madison County, MS - signed by William Priestley who was the Confederate Postmaster and well known Mississippian, fine condition  $10.00

P6. "Confederate Green" 10th Tennessee Regiment Print - Limited edition, #327 of 750, with Certificate of Authenticity, Rare Print, by Michael Gnatek, Excellent condition, already Professionally Framed and Matted with pocket for Certificate on back,  $250.00

P7. "Letter from Home" Army of Northern Virginia Print - Limited Edition, with Certificate of Authenticity, Rare Print, by Mort Kunstler(Famous Artist), #567 of 1150, Excellent condition, already Professionally Framed and Matted with pocket on back for Certificate $250.00

P8. Rare CS Sheet Music- "Rock me to sleep Mother", a ballad published by Julian A. Shelby in Nov 1862. Two pages in fair condition.  $49.00

P9. Natchez Receipts- 1850's receipts for printing jobs performed at the Office of the Natchez Courier. Four are available. VG condition $10 each

P10. Way Bills for Fort Apache two way bills for supplies delivered to the famous Fort Apache. Both are dated 1904 and are in excellent condition. 7 X 8.25 inches in size. $25.00 each

P24. Rare Green 1863 $50 Note- fine condition, SOLD

P25. 1864 CS $50 Note- Richmond, Fine condition, $59 shipped to your door SOLD

P26. CS $100 Richmond Note- 1864 dated, #42015, VG condition, Lucy Pickens pic in middle, Rare to see a female highlighted on a note back then $78 shipped to you  SOLD

P27. CS $100 Note- VG condition, well stamped on back $69.00  SOLD

P28. CS $50.00 Note- Fine condition $69.00  SOLD

Antique Weapons

W1.  Civil War Double Barrel Boot Pistol - percussion firing system, looks like a small shotgun, action works, Very Good condition, used by North & South Troops during the Civil War  SOLD

W179. Rare British Transition Percussion Revolver- .44 caliber with a 5 3/4-inch barrel. Total Length 12 inches, massive gun(Dirty Harry size). Six-shot non-fluted cylinder. Fine engraving on frame and hammer. Trigger, cylinder, and bar-hammer action are in excellent condition. Two-piece finely checkered walnut grips are in very good condition. Overall an outstanding British Transition Percussion Revolver! Museum Quality! $895.00 shipped to your door

W180. Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Revolver- scarce gun not many produced, found in a barn at a Civil War Plantation site, looks like hammer was broke and person took cylinder and rod as spare parts for another revolver, interesting relic $175.00  SOLD

W188. Civil War Austrian Lorenz Carbine- action works, Fine condition, percussion firing system, used by Union and Confederate Cavalry during Civil War, hard to come by Carbine SOLD
W199. Allen & Wheelock Boot Pistol- action works(push trigger forward to engage), VG condition, marked Allen & Wheelock, desireable low serial number #518     $275.00 SOLD

W200. Civil War Boot Pistol - percussion, action works, Rare Design with safety, Good-VG condition SOLD

W205. Civil War 32 Caliber Teat Fire Moore Revolver- with Antique Wooden Case, Ornate Frame, Fine condition, action works, with 7 Original Cartridges/6 complete and one fired, smooth Walnut Grips  $795.00

W206. Civil War Smith & Wesson "Old Army" Revolver- chambered in .32 Rimfire. Two pin frame. Barrel measures 5" overall. VG condition. Action works. Brass brazed on hinge by expert Gunsmith back in the day. The Old Army had trouble with hinges getting loose. Otherwise quality built. Rare Revolver.   $650.00


Ancient, Medieval, Roman, and Native American

AMRN 1. Large Authentic Medieval Battle Axe- iron, used as a Battle Axe and cutting wood too, VG condition, 6 inches inches long, 4 inches wide, dug in Europe, Vikings/Knights/Warriors, unique design on blade $195

AMRN 2. Authentic Medieval Cross- fine condition, made of copper, unique relic, dug in Europe SOLD

AMRN 3. Ancient Roman Ring- made of copper, authentic, dug in Europe $45

Authentic Medieval Cross- fine condition, made of copper, Large Cross, unique relic, dug in Europe $39

AMRN 5. Authentic Medieval Battle Axe- iron, used as a Battle Axe and cutting wood, VG condition, 5 inches inches long, dug in Europe, Vikings/Knights/Warriors $185

AMRN 6. Native American Indian Celt/Axe- crude made of stone, 5 inches long, 2 inches wide, good looking Celt $95.00

AMRN 7. Ancient Roman Ring- made of copper, authentic, missing stone, dug in Europe $39

AMRN 8. Ancient Roman Bracelet- made of bronze, dug in Europe, very good condition, cool design $145.00

*We can accept payment thru Paypal for all items except Firearms. Paypal does not allow transactions on Firearms, it's against their policy*


Detector Source Metal Detectors- http://detectorsource.tripod.com

Civil War Market Place- http://www.civilwarmarket.com

American Digger Magazine- http://www.americandigger.com

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Terms & Conditions

  • Forms of payment accepted are check (personal checks must clear bank before order will be shipped), cashier check or money order. Make checks payable to Dan Patterson .
  • All items are authentic Civil War era/usage unless otherwise specified. You may return any item within five (5) days for full refund minus shipping. Be sure to insure any returns.  Returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  Returned items must be in same UNALTERED, UNCLEANED, UNCHANGED CONDITION as they were shipped. Any modification to the item will VOID the return policy. Notification by phone or email is required before any return is authorized.
  • The item will be held for 7 days for the payment to arrive. If payment is not received within 7 days, the item will be resold to the reserve caller.
  • All items are shipped UPS unless otherwise requested. Shipping and insurance will be added to the total cost of your order.
  • Layaways are available with 1/3 down and the balance due within 60 days. If full payment is not received within 60 days - unless other arrangements are made - item will be returned to stock and all payments forfeited.
  • When ordering please give catalog number and full description of item.
  • We buy whole collections or single pieces, so keep us in mind if you have Civil War items for sale. Trades will also be considered.