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The Civil War Connection


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Ancient Artifacts
AA1.      Egyptian Beads - group of five in various colors & sizes displayed in case.  $9.00  Group of 16 beads.. $16.00

AA2.   Egyptian Scarab Amulet - 300 BC, hieroglyphics on the bottom.  $75.00

AA3.   Egyptian Scarab - 300 BC, smaller version of the one above.  $45.00

AA4.   Egyptian (Mummy) Ushabtis Amulet - 600 BC.  Mummy Amulets were put in tomb with a mummy and were supposed to spring to life and serve the mummy in the after life.  $85.00

AA5.   Bronze Mongol Arrowhead - 1200 to 1300 AD, from the time of Genghis Kahn and Kublai Kahn.  They conquered

Russia, Chine, and part of Europe.  Bronze arrowhead is in fine condition. Hard to come by.  $45.00

AA6.   Roman Coin - Julia Domna, 200 AD, silver, very fine condition.  $30.00

AA7.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, 200-400 AD, Warrior on the back, 22mm size, fine condition.  $9.00

AA8.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, man & woman on the back, 20mm size, very good condition, 1600 - 1800 years

old.  $8.00

AA.9   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, warrior on the back, 22mm, fine condition.  $9.00

AA10.  Roman Coin - Ruler on the front, man on a horse on the back, 200 - 400 AS, very good condition.  $9.00

AA11.  Roman Coin - Ruler on the front, 2 people on the back, traces of silver remain, 1600 - 1800 years old, very good

condition.  $9.00

AA12.  Roman Coin - 18mm size, ruler on the front, 200 - 400 AD, warrior on the back, fine condition.  $9.00

AA13.  Ancient Oil Lamp from Syria  unique oil lamp that dates from 1500 to 1000 BC -- the time of Joshua.  I have three different styles to choose from.  You can still see the burn marks from the wicks that burned in these lamps.  They are in perfect condition.  A rare chance to own something that is over three thousand years old.  $95.00 each

AA14.  Ancient Egyptian Cat Amulet - representing the goddess Bastet.  Circa 300 BC.  One inch high and made of

soapstone.  Excellent condition.  $75.00


AR1.  3 Inch Hotchkiss Nose - case shot, very good iron, from Vicksburg    $75.00

AR2.  Wooden Sabot for 42 pd. Shell - very good condition, extremely hard to come by,  cleaned and coated for

preservation.   $350.00

AR3.  6 pd. Solid Cannonball - VG iron.  $95.00

AR4.  3 Inch Hotchkiss - flame grooves, good condition.   $125.00

AR5.  US/CS 24 pd. Solid Shot - VG, dug near Vicksburg, MS.  $185.00

AR6.  9 pd. Solid Cannonball - VG, rare size.  $165.00

AR7.  Union 10 lb. Parrott - with sabot, very good condition, dug near Vicksburg. $185.00

AR8.  Confederate 3 inch Reed Bolt - unfired (excellent sabot), fine iron, dug near Vicksburg, MS., “15” is stamped in upper

band which is the Confederate Inspector’s marks (faint, but there), made at A. B. Reeding Foundry in Vicksburg, MS. 

AR9.  Confederate 10 lb. Parrott/Reed Shell - lathe marks are still visible, very good to fine condition, dug near Vicksburg,

with wood fuse. Hard to come by.  $495.00

AR10. Union 30 lb. Parrott Flat Top Bolt - with brass sabot, very good condition, seldom seen with sabot, dug near

Vicksburg.  $495.00

AR11.  Civil War 10 second Paper Time Fuse - an original paper time fuse for an exploding artillery projectile. Nicely

displayed in a riker case with description. $20.00


BO1.  Civil War Medicine - 3" tall clear, pontiled, nice    $15.00

BO2.  Clay Ink Bottles - small ink that are sometimes found in Civil War camps.   $12.00 each

BO3.  100th Anniversary Coke Bottle - still full and capped, only made in Vicksburg, MS by Biedenhorn (First bottler of Coca Cola), Fine condition.     $12.00

BO4.  75th Anniversary Coke Bottle - 3/4 full and capped, celebrating the World's 1st Coke Bottling Company in

Chattanooga, TN     $15.00

BO5.  “PATENT” Whiskey Bottle - 11 inches tall, 3 piece mold, light aqua green, very good condition, “Patent” embossed on bottle, dug in Central Miss.  $25.00

BO6.  Wine Bottle - dark green, VG, 11 inches tall, dug in central Miss.  $12.00

BO7.  Champagne Bottle - fine, dark green, dug in central Miss., 10 inches tall.  $12.00

BO8.  Cathedral Pepper Sauce - graphite bottom, fine, dug in Central Miss., dark aqua green.  $85.00

BO9.  Umbrella Ink - pontiled, 12 sided, only 2 inches tall, rare size, fine, dug near Vicksburg, MS.  $55.00

BO10. Whiskey Bottle - dark brown, fine, dug in central Miss., 10 inches tall.  $12.00

BO11.  Clay Ink - almost 4 inches tall, light brown, fine, dug in New Orleans, LA. $12.00

BO12.  Clay Ink - 1 3/4” tall, rare size, very fine, light brown, dug in New Orleans, LA.  $12.00

BO13.  (Washington/General Taylor) (Father of His Country/Taylor Never Surrenders) - aqua, pint size, sheared lip, open pontil, 1850, very fine, rare.  $250.00

BO14.  Ginger Beer Pitcher - two tone ginger beer colors, 9” tall, fine, rare.  $45.00

Buckles & Plates

BP1.  Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle - dug near Vicksburg, MS.  Fine condition.    $105.00

BP2.  US Eagle Breastplate - no hooks, nice face, dug near Vicksburg, MS.  $75.00

BP3.  Union Officer Buckle - no silver wreath which is typical, complete, dug in Central - MS, very good condition.  $195.00

BP4.  Union Buckle - arrow hooks, fine condition, dug at Bovina, MS.  $275.00

BP5.  Confederate Georgia Frame Buckle - dug in central Miss., fine condition. $575.00

BP6.  Civil War Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle - found near Vicksburg, MS, brown patina, bar has been repaired, with brass tip.  $85.00

BP7.  1840 Style Militia Plate - made of sheetbrass, no hooks, solder marks are visible, 2 3/4” square with clipped corners.

One small triangular hole in upper right hand corner.  Dug in Texas. Many of these were used by Confederate troops.  $65.00

BP8. US Eagle Breastplate - fair condition, dug near Vicksburg.  Chipping around edged, no hooks, nice brown patina. 



BU1.  Confederate VMI (Virginia Military Institute) Button - non-dug, coat size with shank, lots of gold gilt, XF   $95.00

BU2.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button  - non dug, coat size with shank, XF $85.00

BU3.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button - non-dug, vest size with shank, XF   $75.00

BU4.  Union New York State Seal Button - non-dug, coat size, with shank, lots of gold gilt, VF   $29.00

BU5. CS Block "I" Button - with shank, tin back, dug, VG condition   $75.00

BU6. CS Block "I" Button - "puff" rim, with shank, dug in CS camp in Texas on Brazos River, VG condition   $85.00

BU7. CS Block "A" Artillery Button  - dug, excellent face, tin back, with shank.  $95.00

BU8.  North Carolina "Sunburst" Button - no shank which is typical, dug, excellent face.  $85.00

BU9.  South Carolina Button - coat size, dug, with shank, G-VG condition.  $68.00

BU10.  CS Staff Officer Button - (CS-5)  with shank, non dug, fine condition, S & K/ Rivet'd and Solder'd Backmark, vest

size.  $195.00

BU11.  Union Officer Button - non dug, with shank, XF condition.  $28.00

BU12.  Union "A" Button - cuff size, non dug, with shank, very fine.  $19.00

BU13.  MVM Button ­ - dug, with shank, retains gold gilt, cuff size, fine. $19.00

BU14.  CS "A" Artillery Button - clear face, no back, dug near Vicksburg, MS.   $65.00

BU15.  3 Union Buttons - coat size, dug in Texas, all are connected by original thread, very unique relic.  $35.00

BU16.  1802-1818 1st Regiment Artillery Button - cuff size, with shank, VG.  $25.00

BU17.  1808-1830 US Army General Service - “US” on front, no shank, fine.  $19.00

BU18.   2 CS “I” Buttons - no shanks, fine fronts, dug at Loring’s Camp in Morton, MS.   $139.00 for both

BU19.  Union General Service Buttons - with shanks, dug in a Union camp in Texas. $5.00 each

Cartridges & Bullets

C1.  Enfield - with remnants of powder in base, from the 'CS Wishing Well' odd bullet, large base that tapers off at the nose -

has ring around nose. Drop, Fine condition.    $20.00

C2.  7mm Pinfire Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, VF condition   $14.00

C3. 9mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, non-dug, VF   $16.00

C4. Smith & Wesson Cartridge - 32 Long (1857-1860), dish based, non-dug, in brass casing, VF condition    $35.00

C5. .44 Short Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, VF condition    $25.00

C6. Remington Carbine Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, fine condition.  $28.00

C7. Spencer Carbine Cartridge - in brass casing, fine to very fine.  $25.00

C8. Perrin Revolver Cartridge - VF, non-dug, complete  $25.00

C9.  National Revolver Cartridge - in brass casing, round teat, very nice cartridge. $19.00

C10.  .44 Adams Revolver Cartridge - in paper casing, non-dug made by Eley-London (marked on bottom), very fine condition.  $75.00

C11.  Gallagher Carbine Cartridge - paper & foil, complete, non-dug, fine.  $45.00

C12.  .31 Caliber Colt Nitrated Paper Cartridge - complete and in fine+ condition. $65.00

C13.  .36 Caliber Colt Nitrated Paper Cartridge - complete and showing a lot of shrinkage and some separation from bullet.

Still a nice cartridge and hard to come by.  $65.00


F1.  Alligator Tooth - one inch long, 3/4 inch wide, 12 million years old.   $15.00

F2.  Alligator Tooth Fossil - almost 1 inch long, 5/8 inch wide, 12 million years old.  $14.00

F3.  Trilobite - complete, 300 million years old.  $19.00

F4.  2 Bull Shark Teeth - 28 million years old, in glass display case.  $3.95

F5.  2 Tiger Shark Teeth - 28 million years old, attractively displayed in glass case. $4.95

F6.  2 Sand Shark Teeth - 28 million years old, attractively displayed in glass case. $3.95

F7.  2 Dusky Shark Teeth - 28 million years old, attractively displayed in glass case. $4.95

F8.  Alligator Tooth Fossil - almost 1/2 inch long, 12 million years old.  $10.00

F9.  Part of an Alligator Jawbone - 2 1/2 inches long, 2 inches wide, 12 million years old.   $15.00

F10.  Alligator Scale Fossil - 2 1/4 inches long, 2 inches wide, 12 million years old.  $25.00

F11.  Alligator  Coprolith (poop) - 2 inches long, 1 inch wide, nice conversation piece, 12 million years old, rare.  $25.00

F12.  Sand Shark Tooth - over one inch long, rare, 50 million years old (Eocene Period)  $6.00

F13.  Sand Shark Tooth - 3/4 inch long, 50 million years old (Eocene Period)  $4.00

F14.  Hemipristis Shark Tooth - 50 million years old, Eocene Period, rare tooth. $6.00

F15.  Bull Shark Tooth - 50 million years old, Eocene Period, dug at Moracco.  $4.00


I1.  CDV of George Washington - Fine condition    $20.00

I2.  Union Rear Admiral Farragut -  Philadelphia backmark, rounded corners, clear image.    $75.00

I3.  Andrew Johnson CDV -  no backmark, very good condition, clear image.    $65.00

I4.  1865  Full Length Engraving of General McPherson - 8x10, fine condition.  $19.00

I5.  1865  Full Length Engraving of General John A. Logan -  8x10, fine condition.  $19.00

I6.  John Slidell CDV - engraving, fine.  $28.00

I7. Washington & Lincoln CDV - fine condition.  $39.00


M1.  Mississippi Relic Plaque - six .58 Three Ringers, 3 CS Musketballs, 3 CS Enfields, 3 Sharps bullets, 1 US General Service Button, on attractive wood plaque in the shape of Mississippi.    $28.00

M2.  Civil War Original Chess Box - wooden, with 5 chess pieces, VG condition.  $45.00

M3.  Civil War Dominoe Box - wooden, VG condition.  $25.00

M4.  Civil War Union Officer Epaulette - dug in North Miss., fine condition.  $125.00

M5.   1863 Indian Head Penny - VG  $10.00

M6.  Union Cavalry Spur - with rowel, piece of leather on one buckle, dug at a Plantation Home in New Orleans, LA  $65.00

M7.  “Star” Heel Plate - dug in CS camp in Texas, very rare, at  $125.00

M8.  Company Letter “N” - with both hooks, non dug, fine.  $35.00

M9.  Confederate Spur - with brass rowel that has an ornate design, fine condition.  $145.00

M10.  Pair of Civil War Wooden Crutches -  excellent condition.   $100.00

M11.  Brass Boot Heel and Toe Plate - from the last battle and last Union defeat of the War of Northern Aggression -- Palmito Ranch, TX.  Boot help plate has the clover lead, 2nd corps badge cut out of it.  A rare plate in excellent condition.  $75.00

M12.  2 Lincoln Mourning Pendants - two on original piece of cloth, Lincoln’s head on both, made of brass, symbolized the death and mourning of Abraham Lincoln, Both for $95.00

M13.  25th Anniversary of Battle of Gettysburg - unusual souvenir from the 25th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. A flat piece of rock, 6 in. x 4 in. x 1 in. thick. The entire rock has been painted black. On one side in gold paint it has written around

the outside edge - - “BATTLEFIELD, GETTYSBURG, 1863, 1888”.  In the center there is painted a red 6th corps badge.  A very unique item from an historic battlefield.  $20.00

M14.  Sixth Plate Tintype of Standing Union Soldier - with painted backdrop in a full leather case. Soldier is holding his rifle with bayonet beside him and wearing his kepi, belt with plate gilted, and cross belt with breast plate gilted.  On the belt you can see his cap box, a Smith & Wesson 2nd Model Army in a holster and a 22 cal. Smith & Wesson style revolver.  There are two noticeable flakes in the emulsion near his head but not affecting the image.  A very nice image of a young soldier decked out to do battle.  $395.00

M15.  Ninth Plate Tintype of Soldier - a wonderful ninth plate tintype of a seated bearded soldier holding his rifle beside him, in a full leather case. He wears a cross plate and belt. This image is so clear you can make out the eagle on the breastplate and the

US on his buckle. Neither the buttons on his coat or the plates have been gilted. What really sets this image apart is, the patriotic mat surrounding the image. With US flags in the upper corners and a drum in the lower left corner and a cannon in the lower right corner.  Just below the image is embossed “The Union Now and Forever” on the mat.  $325.00

M16.  Union Company Number “1” - with hooks, brass, non-dug, very fine.  $29.00

M17.  Admiral Face Pipe - very detailed, 2 1/4” stem, rare. $55.00

M18.  Smoking Pipe - soldier with musket on one side of bowl, and British flag on the other side. 1 3/4” stem.  $35.00

M19.  Indian Arrowheads - good condition, dug in Georgia.  $3.00 each

M20.  Indian Arrowheads - very good condition, dug in Georgia.  $5.00 each

M21.  King Edward Figural Face Pipe - 1 1/8” stem, very detailed, very good condition.  $55.00

M22.  Pair of Enlisted Man’s Brass Spurs - dug in Virginia, not found together, but still make a nice set.  Metal rowels are gone, but one spur still has traces of original leather straps.  $120.00 pair

M23.  Rubber Snuff Box - circa mid to late 19th century, 3 3/8” long x 2 1/4” wide x 3/4” height, hinged box with small enlayed metal initial plate and plain enlayed metal border on lid. Some scuffing and finish cracking from age, but overall in very good condition. $125.00

M24.  WWII Japanese Cigarettes - complete unissued package of Japanese cigarettes in near mint condition.  $25.00

M25.  W. W. Wilbur Auction and Commission Merchant - very rare token from a well known slave auction house in

Charleston, SC dated 1846.  Fine condition.  $150.00

M26.  Musket Flints - 300 year old, hand chipped musket flints for the flint lock musket.  $10.00 each

Paper Items

P1.  1862 Speech of J. A. Wright - on discharge of State Political Prisoners, Fine condition    $25.00

P2.  Gettysbury Centennial Stamp (1863-1963) - fine condition.    $4.00

P3  Wilderness Centennial Stamp (1864-1964) - fine condition.    $4.00

P4.  Connecticut Envelope - Great Seal of Connecticut, fine condition.    $20.00

P5.  1901 N. B. Forrest UCV Post Card Invitation - Chattanooga, TN, VG.  $85.00

P6.  Confederate General F. M. Cockrell Autograph - fine condition.  $145.00

P7.  27th Kentucky Civil War Discharge Papers - William Lockwood, Rare.  $65.00

P8.  1861 Georgia 50 Cent Note - Savannah, GA.  very fine.  $25.00

P9.  1863 GA 10 Cent Note - fine condition, Milledgeville, GA  $20.00

P10. 1863 50 Cent Georgia Note - with state seal stamp, very good condition.  $25.00

P11. 1862 South Carolina 25 Cent Note - state seal in the center, fine condition. $25.00

P12.  1863 South Carolina 50 Cent Note - state seal in the center, fine condition. $29.00

P13. 1863 Alabama 50 Cent Note - VG State Seal in the center, Lady on the right. $20.00

P14.  Confederate Patriotic Envelope - Virginia State Seal, “Liberty or Death”, Rare.  $250.00

P15.  CDV of Gen. Grant  - with his daughter, titled “Grant In Peace”, clear image  $35.00

P16.  CDV of Union Soldier - backmark “Mansfield’s City Gallery - St. Louis, MO”.  Rare.   $85.00

P17.  CDV of President US Grant - in his General uniform, waist up view, Fine.  $45.00

P18.  CDV of a Young US General Grant - clear image.  $45.00

P19.  1860’s Engraving of 9 US Cavalry Officers - General Custer is in this group, by H. B. Hall, Fine condition.  $65.00

P20.  CDV of Lincoln & Family - clear image, fine condition.   $45.00

P21.  1810 Receipt - receipt for payment sent via slave Hobby from Mrs. Taylor to Mrs. Porter.   $45.00

P22.  Rare Clipped Signature of Gen. Alfred H. Terry - signed “Alfred H. Terry, Brig. General” in ink on a 3” x 1 3/4” piece of paper.  The ink is a little smudged, but the signature is still clear.  He served in the Civil War as a Colonel and then as a Brigadier General. He captured Fort Fisher, fought at First Manassas, Fort Pulaski, Bermuda Hundred, Petersburg and the March to the Sea. He was George A. Custer superior officer in the Little Big Horn Campaign.  $125.00

P23.  Deck of Civil War Era Playing Cards - imported from Belgium, very popular among Civil War soldiers, complete deck in wrapper    $125.00


W1.  Allen & Wheelock Pistol - made in early 1860’s (Civil War Period), only 500-1000 produced, .32 caliber, single shot,

one of the first cartridge pistols (rimfire), action works, fine.  $375.00

W2.  1858-1862 Allen & Wheelock Revolver - .22 caliber, side hammer, rimfire, 7 shot cylinder, only 1500 made, action works, fine.  $385.00

W3.  1850 “Wrist breaker” Cavalry Sword - import, with original leather and brass wire, fine condition, highly used by CS Cavalry, NB Forrest used this type of sword.  $375.00

W4.  Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Revolver - .32 caliber, made 1859 - 1862, 6 shot cylinder, rim fire, action works, brass frame (extremely rare), fine condition. According to the American Antiques Firearms book, “a few specimens with brass frames are known, and are considered quite rare”.  $675.00

W5.  Allen & Wheelock Revolver - sidehammer design, made 1859 - 1862, 6 shot cylinder, iron frame, action works, fine condition. Serial #526, only a little over 1,000 produced.  Rare.  $495.00

W6.  Allen & Wheelock Pepperbox - 5 shot cylinder, action works, very good condition, barrel marked “Allen & Wheelock”, hammer marked “Allen’s patent 1845”, engraved frame, used from 1845 through Civil War. Popular with Union and

Confederate soldier.  Hard to come by a pepperbox marked Allen & Wheelock. $650.00

W7.  Allen & Thurber Pepperbox - 5 shot cylinder, action works, engraved frame, fine condition, barrel marked “Allen & Thurber/Patented 1845”, used from 1845 through Civil War.  $650.00

W8.  Early Allen & Thurber Pepperbox - six shot cylinder, early transitional type, dog leg style handle, oval enlay in grips, engraved frame, patented in 1837 and used through the Civil War.  Rare pepperbox according to the American Antique Firearms Book.  $750.00

W9.  Sideknife - made by Manhattan Cuttlery Company, Sheffield. Very fine sideknife, circa 1850 -1860, double edged 4 1/4” blade, bone handle with two small round wood enlays on one side.  Length 8 inches with brass cross guard.  $495.00 


Outside of frame has a heavy embossed black simulated leather finish. Has glass face.

Available in the following sizes:

PW7 3"x4"x3/4" Display Case $1.95 each

PW8 4"x5"x3/4" Display Case $2.25 each

PW9 5"x6"x3/4" Display Case $2.50 each

PW10 8"x12"x3/4" Display Case $3.95 each

PW11 12"x16"x3/4" Display Case $5.95 each

Minimum order: Lots of 10

Terms & Conditions

  • Forms of payment accepted are check (personal checks must clear bank before order will be shipped), cashier check or money order. Make checks payable to Dan Patterson.
  • All items are authentic Civil War era/usage unless otherwise specified. You may return any item UNALTERED within five (5) days for full refund minus shipping. Be sure to insure any returns.
  • The item will be held for 7 days for the payment to arrive. If payment is not received within 7 days, the item will be resold to the reserve caller.
  • All items are shipped UPS unless otherwise requested. Shipping and insurance will be added to the total cost of your order.
  • Layaways are available with 1/3 down and the balance due within 60 days. If full payment is not received within 60 days - unless other arrangements are made - item will be returned to stock and all payments forfeited.
  • When ordering please give catalog number and full description of item.
  • We buy whole collections or single pieces, so keep us in mind if you have Civil War items for sale. Trades will also be considered.