New Arrivals & Specials

BP9. US Boxplate- with both hooks which are solid(Rust Reformer put on hooks), Gorgeous Face, dug years ago in Central MS, seldom seen this nice anymore  $149.00

W12. Large 12mm Pinfire Revolver- very good condition, popular Civil War sidearm with Officers, sophisticated & deadly gun for its time, nice grips, huge revolver that would have been extremely intimidating. The six 12mm cartridges in pic can come with the Revolver for only $99.00   Price of Revolver $325.00

W13. Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer Revolver- total quantity only a little over 1000, Rare Gun, made from 1859-1862, Fine condition, well marked, 32 Rimfire, low serial number  $450.00

W14. Allen Bar Hammer Pistol- unique design, percussion firing system, very good condition, used by both sides during the Civil War  $289.00

W9. Civil War Boot Pistol- Very Fine condition, used by both sides during the Civil War, Percussion Firing System  $245.00

W10. Henry Elwell Double Barrel Shotgun- percussion firing system, Silver Inlays in 3 places, lots of Engraving, absolutely gorgeous Shotgun, highly used by CS Cavalry, Very Fine  $395.00

W11. Gorgeous 7mm Pinfire Revolver- lots of Engraving, Excellent Checkered Grips, Very Fine condition, marked ELG, another Museum Quality Revolver.   $275.00
Christmas Price  $265.00

M39. Colt Bullet Mold- marked Colt Patent, typical period style except machined for flat top bullets like Maynards, never seen one like this, very cool & rare  $95.00
Christmas Price  $85.00

BP7. Union Officer Buckle with Keeper- Fine condition, complete with keeper  $239.00 Christmas Price  $225.00

BP8. US Buckle- with arrow hooks, non dug, gorgeous buckle, very fine condition  $225.00

M38. New Orleans 1861 Seated Liberty Half Dollar- minted in New Orleans during the Civil War, only coin minted by CSA, Very Rare     $69.00
Christmas Price  $59.00

BU34. Pair of Union "C" Buttons-  found in Central MS, both have shanks & Gold Gilt, VF condition  $55.00  Christmas Price  $49.00

W7. Union Emerson & Silver 1864 Cavalry Sword- with solid fine condition scabbard, nice leather and wire, Sword in Fine condition   $650.00

W8. Import 1840 Cavalry Sword- with solid scabbard in fine condition, nice leather & wire, highly used by CS Cavalry during the Civil War, Sword is in fine condition  $550.00

W18. Import Roman Style Short Sword- used by US & CS troops during the Civil War. VF condition, marked #483  $350.00  SOLD

W5. US Springfield Rifle with Soldier Art- expertly shortened to 2-band which was common during the Civil War to lighten the Rifle. Lockplate marked Springfield/1848. VG condition. Patriotic Brass Eagle on rear of gun.   $495.00  Christmas Price  $455.00

W6. 1864 US Cavalry Sword- with solid scabbard in fine condition. Handle retains alot of original leather, Sword is in Fine condition, blade marked US/1864/AGM/Chelmsford/Mass   $595.00

BU33. VMI(Virginia Military Institute) Button- non dug, with shank, loaded in Gold Gilt, XF condition, D.Evans in ribbon backmark $89.00

BP6. US Officer Buckle- VF condition, nice body bend, struck by something on the right side back then not recently. Not sure what hit the buckle but very interesting and adds character  $225.00

M37. LA Reunion Ribbon- New Orleans, Pelican Pin at the top, Rare  $195.00

BU32. Union New York Button- with shank, non dug, loaded in Gold Gilt, Extra Quality B/M   $35.00

W4. Civil War Belgium Model 1842 Musket- 69 caliber, marked T. TILKIN LIEGE and has other Belgian proof marks on the barrel and tang. Metal finish is nice, bore is VG and gray with good rifling. Stock has a nice original finish with some normal handling marks. Barrel and stock are both full length, never shortened. Action is complete, tight, and functions fine. Complete with correct original ramrod. Very impressive Belgium musket of the type that was used by both sides in the Civil War, will make an impressive display piece for your collection. VG to Fine overall. $725.00  ON HOLD for PA

W30. Civil War 1861 Enfield Tower Musket- action works, dated 1861, VG to Fine condition. Highly used by Confederate Army during the Civil War.  Metal finish is nice, full length barrel & stock, normal handling marks, and has long range sight.  $895.00  SOLD

AR3. Twelve Pound Bormann Shell- nice condition, Fine Fuse- 1, 2, and 4 numbers can be seen  $249.00

M43. Tear Drop 36 Caliber Bullet Mold- Fine condition, Rare Bullet Mold   $155.00

M44. Colt or Remington 44 Caliber Bullet Mold- VG condition, popular mold among collectors $125.00

BU32. Confederate Mississippi "C" Cavalry Button- with stand up shank, Hyde & Goodrich/New Orleans Backmark, coat  size, traces of gold gilt, Very Fine condition  $1875.00

BU33. Confederate Mississippi "I" Button- with shank, Rare Local B/M with Gold Gilt in depressed channel, Coat size, Fine condition  $475.00

W23. Gorgeous 7MM Pinfire Revolver- Excellent condition, well marked(ELG), 6 shot cylinder, and very nice wood grips  $269.00  SOLD

BU29. Confederate Mississippi "I" Button- with stand up shank, Hyde & Goodrich/New Orleans Backmark, cuff size, gold gilt in all the right places highlighting the letters, Very Fine condition  $395.00

BU30. CS Mississippi "I" Button- with stand up shank, Non Dug, cuff size, Hyde & Goodrich New Orleans B/M, super rare, loaded in gold gilt, extra fine condition  $975.00

BU31. Confedrate Mississippi "A" Artillery Button- with shank, Hyde Goodrich New Orleans B/M, Gold Gilt highlights all letters and Star, Fine condition, coat size,  $1875.00

AR17. Confederate Broun Shell- with brass sabot, VF Rebel iron which is seldom seen on these shells, look around on the Internet & you wont see many of these shells and will not find one this nice, Museum Quality  $725.00

AR4. US 12 Pd. Bormann- nice condition, 4 numbers can be seen, Fine Fuse  $249.00

BU26. CS Louisiana Pelican Button- with stand up shank, coat size, gold highlighting all of face, pretty green petina, fine condition  $265.00 Christmas Price  $259.00

W5. US Civil War Musician's Sword- marked with inspectors "FP" on blade, "DFM" Inspectors marks on the brass handle, VG condition  $275.00

BU25. CS Louisiana Pelican Button- cuff size, lots of gold gilt, with stand up shank, VG condition  $195.00 Christmas Price  $169.00

BU47. Eleven Ball Buttons- all have shanks and some have small portion of chain. Fine condition $35.00

M81. Six Nazi War Dated Coins- all 6 are in very fine condition  $19.00

C13. French Triangle Bullet- drop, very nice bullet, trangle base  $19.00

P12. Confederate Special Order from CS General Polk- July 11, 1862- from Camp near Tupelo, MS- Special Order #3, written to General Van Dorn at Vicksburg, MS- very nice condition  $185.00  SOLD

P36. CS Letter written to Wife- from Corinth, MS- excellent penmanship, 3 pages, talks about Bull Run, Fine condition  $119.00

W3. Allen & Thurber Pepperbox- 6 shot cylinder, percussion firing system, action partially works, "Allen Thurber & Co/Worcester" markings are real clear on the barrel, small chip of wood missing on one grip, VG overall condition, this is the granddadddy of all revolvers, very cool looking weapon  $575.00  Spring Special Price  $529.00

M75. Rare 1838 Pocket Size Bible- 170 years old and in nice condition, seldom seen this fine, many Soldiers carried this size Bible thru the War with them  $79.00

BU45. US/CS Voltiquers "V" Button- Rare, with shank, in VG condition. The Voltiquers were a Special Forces unit that used Light Mountain Howitzers & Hale's Rocket Launchers during the Mexican War. Robert E. Lee and Joseph Johnston both commanded the Voltiquers. Interesting fact is the Voltiquers wore a light grey uniform opposed to the dark blue of the other uniforms. Coincidently, these two future great Confederate Generals donned the "grey" a full decade and a half before the Civil War. These buttons were used by Southern Troops during the Civil War. They were distributed to LA and VA troops for Civil War usage and are found in their Camps. Seldom seen for sell, buy this one while you can at this price due to the scarceness & history.  $269.00
Spring Special Price  $235.00  SOLD

BU42.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button - non-dug, Vest size with shank, Horstmann B/M, Very Fine  $69.00

AR2. Twelve Pound Bormann- Fine iron, with brass underplug, fuse blew out but the fuse is in real nice condition, puinched at #1, numbers 2/3/4 and many lines are visible, dug in Central, MS   $249.00 Christmas Price  $215.00

C11. Carved Acorn- looks like a bullet that was chewed & carved into an Acorn, another cool carved bullet  $25.00

C12. Lead Nipple Protector- for percussion firearm, made by a Soldier  $14.00

BU43. US Eagle General Service Button- with shank, non dug, very fine condition  $16.00

C9. Italian 69 Caliber Garibaldi- dug unfired drop, very fine condition  $35.00

C20. Spencer Cartridge- in brass casing, dug condition, very fine for a dug cartridge  $18.00  SOLD

C10. Rifled 69 Musket Bullet- fine condition  $12.00

BO15. Sauce or Food Bottle- pontiled, 6 inches tall, cute little bottle  $12.00

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