New Arrivals & Specials

M105. Company "A" Hat Letter- Fine condition, dug at Bovina, MS   $35.00   Summer Special $30.00

M106. Cross Cannon Hat Pin- VG condition, two hairline cracks in middle but still solid, dug near Bovina, MS  $105.00 Summer Special $95.00

BU66. CS Infantry Button- VG condition, with tin back, brass shank, dug near Bovina  $105.00  Summer Special $95.00 

BU67. KMI Cadet Button- cuff size, loaded in Gold Gilt, with shank  $145.00

BP46. Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle- marked TJ Shepard & E. Gaylord, Fine condition, with Bat Wing  $159.00 Summer Special $149.00

BP47. Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle- VG condition, dug near Bovina, MS   $89.00

AR34. Unique 12 Pd. Bormann- Very Fine Iron, Nice Fuse, you can remove fuse & underplug and see case shot inside, Cool Relic    $295.00
Summer Special $265.00

AR35. Unique 6 Pd. Bormann- Very Fine Iron, Nice Fuse, you can remove fuse & underplug and see case shot inside, Cool Relic  $295.00 Summer Special $265.00

AR27. Union 10 Pd. Parrott Shell- with brass sabot, Very Fine condition, slick iron   $195.00  SOLD

AR28. CS Mullane Shell- with three iron rods on bottom, Very Fine condition, hard to find these with iron this nice  $395.00  SOLD

AR29. Union 3 Inch Hotchkiss Shell- VG iron, with nice brass paper time fuse, unique shell in that it looks like one side hit something and knocked off a piece of cup and half the sabot, Cool relic  $195.00

AR30. Union 3.67 Schenkl Shell- VG condition, seldom seen for sale anymore, with brass fuse  $295.00 Summer Special $265.00

AR31. US/CS 6 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball- this one is pretty, VF iron   $149.00 Summer Special $140.00

AR32. Six Pound Bormann- Very Fine iron, VG fuse   $250.00  Summer Special $225.00

AR33. CS 24 Pd. Wood Plug Shell- fine iron, hard size to come by, 12 pd size is much more common  $250.00 Summer Special $235.00

W102. Import French Musket- action works, Fine condition, percussion firing system, Silver plated oval disc with 1820 stamp, used during Civil War, with ramrod  $695.00  SOLD

W104. Washington Arms Co. Boot Pistol- action needs tightening, VG condition, marked US/The Washington Arms Co./LMC/Cast Steel, single shot, percussion firing system, hard to come by  $255.00

C34. Box of 10 Sharps Linen Cartridges- non dug, Fine condition, in Linen casing, hard to come by this nice $650.00

W100. Civil War Roman Style Short Sword- dug 40 years ago, digger cleaned the Hilt, overall VG condition  SOLD

W101. Civil War Springfield Bayonet and Mainspring Vise- dug in the same camp at Bovina MS, you can still see U and part of Son Bayonet, VG to Fine condition   $110.00  SOLD

BU65. Miss Cavalry "C" Cuff Button- with shank, gold gilt highlights the front, All letters visble but MI is weak, dug in Central MS, Rare Button, Hyde & Goodrich B/M   $350.00

M102. Cross Cannon Hat Pin- Very Fine condition, hard to find this nice  $145.00  SOLD

M103. Counterfiet Large Cent Coin- made of lead, dug near Vicksburg  $35.00

M104. CS Snake part of CS Snake Buckle- Fine condition, dug in a CS camp near Vicksburg  $89.00

M100. Pewter Heart Heel Plate- very, very hard to find relic in pewter, with part of boot on bottom, nice condition  $65.00

BP42. US Buckle- with all 3 hooks, Very Fine condition, nice lead & face, dug years ago in sandy soil  SOLD

BP43. US Buckle- with all 3 hooks, Fine condition, dug near Vicksburg  SOLD

BP44. US Officer Buckle with Keeper- dug together in Central MS, VG condition  SOLD

BP45. RARE US Buckle with Iron Hooks-  has one solid iron hook remaining, Fine face,  seldom ever seen for sale, dug in Central MS  $250.00  SOLD

M98. US 45/70 Springfield Bayonet with Scabbard- Fine condition, leather is solid, marked US/1/32     SOLD

M99. Union Cartridge Box- with both tins which are nice, Cartridge box is in good condition   $185.00

M97. USN(United States Navy) Fuse Pouch- VG condition, "USN" on front flap, "Navy Yard/Philadepkia/1863" on inner flap   SOLD

BP41. US Cartridge Boxplate- Non Dug, with two nice loops, Double Stamped- TJ Shepard and Boyd & Sons/Boston, Rare combo, remnants of leather on back, Very Fine condition, you would be hard pressed to find a better one for sale anywhere right now  $275.00  SOLD

M95. Seated Liberty Half Dollar Coin- VG condition, Nice coin  $39.00  SOLD

P24. Rare 1863 US Lincoln 50 Cent Note- VG condition front & back, Scarce  $75.00

PW2. "US" Brown Leather Revolver Holster-Late 1800's to Early 1900's, VG condition, tear at top, hard to find item  $95.00  Summer Special $75.00

W97. Import 1840 Light Artillery Sword & Scabbard- with wood grip, brass wire, and some of leather. VG-Fine Sword and Scabbard. SOLD

W98. US 1840 P. S. Justice Cavalry Sword
- with Scabbard, Fine condition, with wood grip/leather/brass wire. Blade marked P.S. Justice/Philadelpa.  $695.00

W99. Civil War 1860 Henry Boker Cavalry Sword-  Nice Solid Scabbard, Fine condition, with wood grip/brass wire  SOLD

C33. US Civil War Billinghurst Requa Cartridge- in brass casing, fine condition, went in early rapid fire gun, Rare Cartridge $115.00  SOLD

M93. Civil War Patriotic Fold Out Cup- Very Fine condition, cool item    $75.00

M94. Extremely Rare 1860 Cherokee Bible- Fine condition, seldom ever seen, written in Cherokee, Dated 1860, Museum Quality, one of the Rarest Bibles from that era  $1250.00

AR26. US Eight Inch Navy Seacoast Shell- Good condition, with Navy Seacoast Fuse  $350.00

W91. Civil War Import Bayonet made into Bowie Fighting Knife- marked S & K, Fine condition, cool Relic $145.00  SOLD

W92. Lucius W. Pond Revolver- 32 Rimfire, Six shot cylinder, Barrel marked L.W. Pond/Worcester/Mass//July 10, 1860- Fine Condition, action works    $525.00 Summer Special $495.00

W93. Bacon Single Shot Pistol- unique design with swing out barrel for quick loading, Fine condition, Barrel marked Bacon Mfg CO/Norwich Conn, only 2400 produced, made Early to Mid 1860's, Cool gun, 32 Rimfire  $375.00  Summer Special $350.00

W95. Unique Boot Pistol- drop down trigger, action works, Fine condition, brass compartment for percussion caps, percussion firing system $255.00

M92. Lion Sash Buckle- dug in a camp near Vicksburg, VG condition, cool relic  $25.00  SOLD

W85. Double Barrel Percussion Shotgun- Custom made with Deer carved on stock, Rare, Very Good condition, some tiny hair cracks expertly refinished, action is tight, Hammers hold at first notch but not on second, needs adjusting, with Ramrod, Import Shotgun, highly used by CS Cavalry during Civil War  $425.00  SOLD

W86. Import 1860 Cavalry Sword & Scabbard- VG condition, with leather and wire, unmarked Import, Scabbard is nice and in solid shape  SOLD

W87. Bacon Pocket Revolver- made early 1860's, less then 1000 produced, 32 Rimfire, 6 shot cylinder, action works, Serial #153, VG condition, Extremely Rare   $495.00

W88. Prussian Model Potsdam Musket- 72 caliber, Lock is marked Danzig 1822, Barrel has Crown/FW, action works, with Ramrod, large number of these guns were used by Union troops, real popular with Ohio Soldiers, some were used by CS troops, has a few tiny hairline cracks, Arsenal converted to Percussion, classic Prussian Musket that would look great in any collection  SOLD

W89. US Model 1863 Springfield Musket- cut down to Shotgun and decrease the weight, action works, Fine condition, Eagle/US/Springfield/1863 on Lockplate  $395.00

Civil War Foot Officer's Sword- blade is a bit dark grey and finely etched with scrolling, flags, drums, & shield on one side and the U. S. mark on the other (faint but there), still has Shark Skin wrap on grip, Import, VG condition  SOLD

PW1. Rare Original 1894 Biedenharn Hutch Coke Bottle- Biedenharn was the First Bottler Of Coca Cola. VG-Fine condition, still has stopper inside, dug at Vicksburg, MS.    $395.00  SOLD

W84. Sharps & Hankins Breech Loading 4 Shot Pepperbox- Patent/Jan 25th/1859, Action works, Fine condition, Serial # 1003, Hard to find Pepperbox this nice  $575.00  SOLD

BU63. CS Lined "I" Infantry Button- with shank, Local B/M(Blank), Coat size, nice petina, Fine condition  SOLD

BU64. CS South Carolina Button- with shank, Schuyler B/M, 13.5 to 14mm width, Rare size, VG condition  $59.00  SOLD

I9. CDV of Jeff Davis being chased in a dress and holding a Bowie- VG condition  $75.00

M91. Civil War US Percussion Cap Box- US Ord Dept. Inspected, Baker & McKinney, VG condition  SOLD

C31. Gallagher Cartridge- in paper casing, non dug, Fine condition  $49.00

W81. Bacon Pocket Revolver- made early 1860's, less then 1000 produced, 22 Rimfire, 6 shot cylinder, action works, Fine condition, Extremely Rare   $495.00  SOLD

C29. Maynard Cartridge- dug cartridge, two small dings on one side, Fine condition, good looking cartrdige, hard to find this nice SOLD

M88. Unique Relic- Union Eagle Button fused to knapsack hook, dug in Bovina, MS  $10.00  SOLD

BU61. Deer Sporting Button- no shank, Fine condition, loaded in Silver Giltcool button  $15.00

BU59. CS Louisiana Pelican Button- cuff size, lots of gold gilt, with stand up shank, Fine condition  $155.00  SOLD

W70. Civil War Boot Pistol- Fine condition, action works, popular concealed weapon back then, two notches on handle, did he kill two men? $235.00  SOLD

W71. Civil War Boot Pistol- Fine condition, used by both sides during the Civil War, Percussion Firing System, action works, popular concealed weapon back then, Crown on Barrel  $235.00

BP30. US Buckle- with all 3 hooks, Fine condition, nice lead, dug years ago in sandy soil  $195.00  SOLD

BU54. CS Solid Cast "I" Button- with shank, Fine condition, dug in Central MS  $139.00  SOLD
BU51. Rifleman "R" Button- with shank, cuff size, VG condition, Hyde & Goodrich Backmark, very scarce button, nice great green petina  $59.00

BU50. Civil War Sporting Button(Horse)- with shank, Fine condition, cool button  $19.00  SOLD

M78. Civil War Navy Rating Badge- Fine condition, cool design  $29.00

C25. Italian Garibaldi(Carcano) Bullet- 69 caliber, drop, Fine condition, seldon seen bullet, dug in Central MS  $45.00

M76. Cavalry Carbine "Batwing" with leather- Very Fine condition, with some leather on back, dug near Vicksburg   $16.00  SOLD

BU49. Three Buttons- Union Officer Button(G), New York Button(VG), Mass Volunteer Button(G), all have shanks, nice price for this group  $39.00

M74. Two Cool Raritys- both dug in Central MS, Bullet with Nail & Musketball complete(Buck & Balls)  $19.00

M69. Gorgeous 1865 Two Cent Coin- mint condition, stunning detail, a must for a Civil War Coin Collector  $69.00   SOLD

W41. Import English Short Sword- used by both sides during the Civil War, Fine condition   $235.00

W42. Model 1856 Enfield Saber Bayonet- for the .557 Enfield Rifle, Imported by both the Union & Confederate Units, Very Good condition, Pressed Leather Grips, Overall Length 28 1/16"     $225.00

P24. Holly Springs, MS $5.00 Note- Extremely Rare, G-VG condition, August 2nd, 1862, Northern bank of Mississippi    $115.00

P22. Confederate New Orleans Newspaper- printed before Union occupation, March/13/1861, Very Good condition, lots of interesting reading  $95.00

P23. Confederate New Orleans Newspaper- printed before Union occupation, March/2nd/1861, Very Good condition, lots of interesting reading  $95.00

M55. Civil War Our Army & Navy Token-  Very Fine condition, hard to come by and highly sought after by Token Collectors   $19.00

M52. Confederate General Service Accoutrement Book by Keim- Fine condition, Rare Book and highly sought after, with Dust Cover, a must have book for CS Buckle Collectors  $175.00

C2. 9mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, non-dug, Very Fine condition   $16.00

C6. Large 12MM Short Pinfire Cartridge- in long brass casing, non dug, VF condition, used in the 12MM Pinfire Revolver which was one of the most reliable revolvers during the Civil War and also highly used by Officers.   $18.00  SOLD

C18. 7mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, Very Fine condition   $15.00

BK15. Plates and Buckles of the American Military- by Sidney Kerksis in 1987, VG to Fine condition, a must have for Civil War Buckle & Plate Collectors, only $49.00

BU38. Rare Goodyear "Liberty" Rubber Button- with shank, very fine condition, B/M Goodyear's May 6, 1851  SOLD

BU33. VMI(Virginia Military Institute) Button- non dug, with shank, loaded in Gold Gilt, XF condition, D.Evans in ribbon backmark $95.00

M37. LA Reunion Ribbon- New Orleans, Pelican Pin at the top, Rare  $195.00  SOLD

BU32. Union New York Button- with shank, non dug, loaded in Gold Gilt, Extra Quality B/M   $35.00  SOLD

M36. Colt or Remington 44 Caliber Bullet Mold- VG condition, popular mold among collectors $125.00   Special Price  $105.00  SOLD

BU47. Eleven Ball Buttons- all have shanks and some have small portion of chain. Fine condition $35.00

P36. CS Letter written to Wife- from Corinth, MS- excellent penmanship, 3 pages, talks about Bull Run, Fine condition  $119.00

M75. Rare 1838 Pocket Size Bible- 170 years old and in nice condition, seldom seen this fine, many Soldiers carried this size Bible thru the War with them  $79.00

C11. Carved Acorn- looks like a bullet that was chewed & carved into an Acorn, another cool carved bullet  $25.00

C12. Lead Nipple Protector- for percussion firearm, made by a Soldier  $14.00

C10. Rifled 69 Musket Bullet- fine condition  $12.00

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