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Dan & Teresa Patterson
P.O. Box 2468
Madison, MS 39130-2468 


The Civil War Connection

 June 2003 Catalog

Pictures Available Upon Request 



Ancient Artifacts

AA1. Egyptian Beads - group of five in various colors & sizes displayed in case.  $8.00  Group of 16 beads.. $14.00 

AA2.   Egyptian (Mummy) Ushabtis Amulet - 600 BC.  Mummy Amulets were put in tomb with a mummy and were supposed to spring to life and serve the mummy in the after life. Was $85.00, Clearance Price $70.00  

AA3.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, 200-400 AD, Warrior on the back, 22mm size, fine condition.  $9.00 

AA4.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, man & woman on the back, 20mm size, very good condition, 1600 - 1800 years old.  $8.00 

AA5.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, warrior on the back, 22mm, fine condition.  $9.00 

AA6.  Roman Coin - Ruler on the front, Large Bird on Back of Coin, 200 - 400 AS, very good condition.  $9.00 

AA7.  Roman Coin - Ruler on the front, 2 people on the back, traces of silver remain, 1600 - 1800 years old, very good condition.  $9.00 

AA8.  Roman Coin - 18mm size, ruler on the front, 200 - 400 AD, warrior on the back, fine condition.  $9.00 

AA9. Ancient Greek Broach - 400 BC, shaped like a fish, looks like a shark, Rare, fine condition  $75.00

AA10. Egyptian Bead Bracelet - group of Egpytian Beads made into a Bracelet, 300 BC, comes with a free display case, Fine Condition  $25.00

AA11. Large Egyptian Scarab - 300 BC, large version which is hard to come by, hierglyphics on the bottom, made for a Necklace  $75.00

AA12.   Egyptian Scarab - 300 BC, smaller version of the one above, hierglyphics on the bottom, made for a Necklace  $55.00

AA13. Small Roman Glass Pitcher- still has handle, pontiled bottom, 2000 Years Old, Fine Condition, Extremely Rare  $225.00

AA14. Ancient Roman Terra Cotta Bottle - has crack in neck and chipoff of lip, still a nice looking piece and reasonably priced  $25.00


Antique Artillery

AR1  Civil War 10 second Paper Time Fuse - an original paper time fuse for an exploding artillery projectile. Nicely displayed in a riker case with description. $20.00

AR2. US/CS 9 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - good condition, dug in Louisiana $110.00

AR3. Union 20 Pd. Parrott Shell - Early Pattern with ring around nose, with sabot, Very Fine Iron, dug near Vicksburg-MS, Zinc Paper Time Fuse  $225.00

AR4. US/CS 6 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - used by both sides during the Civil War, Good condition, dug in Texas   $95.00

AR5. US/CS 12 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - used by both sides during the Civil War, Good Condition, dug in Texas  $110.00

AR6. Union 3 Inch Hotchkiss Shell - with flame grooves, brass paper time fuse, with sabot, cup tried to pull away but still there, Case Shot- you shake shell and hear them rattle(cool), dug near Vicksburg, VG condition  $145.00

AR7. Union 3 Inch Schenkl Shell- no fuse, pitted iron, only $145.00

AR8. Union 30 Pd. "Flat- Top" Parrott Bolt - very fine iron, no sabot which is common, Rare Bolt, used to damage Ironclads or the Enemy's Fortifications, dug near Vicksburg  $225.00

AR9. US/CS 6 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - VG Iron, dug in Louisiana, you want see this price anywhere else, only $95.00

AR10. US/CS 12 pd. Bormann Shell- with Bormann Fuse, good iron, dug in Louisiana  $135.00

AR11. Confederate 2.5 Shell or Handgrenade- dug at CS Arsenal near Shreveport, LA- fine condition, had a Large Brass or Pewter adapter, Rarity 10, only a few were found. I believe this is a CS Handgrenade but could of been a Shell, either way it's Rarity 10 and no else has one  $650.00

  AR12. 10  Pd. Parrott Shell- with iron Sabot, Zinc Paper Time Fuse which Very Fine condition and can be taken out of Shell, VG overall condition, dug in North Miss.  $195.00

AR13. Confederate 12 Pd. Sideloader Shell - dug in North Miss., Reed Copper Paper Time Fuse, has a Lead Sideloader Plug, VG condition  $325.00

AR14. Union 3 Inch Hotchkiss Shell - no sabot, dug in North Miss., Flame Grooves, Brass Paper Time Fuse, Fien Condition  $110.00

AR15. Union Absterdam 3 Inch Shell - with Sabot, Fine Condition, "Patent, S & CO., August 17, 1862" is stamped on the bottom of the Lead Sabot  $195.00 



BO1.  Clay Ink Bottles - small ink that are sometimes found in Civil War camps.   $12.00 each 

BO2.  100th Anniversary Coke Bottle - still full and capped, only made in Vicksburg, MS by Biedenhorn (First bottler of Coca Cola), Fine condition.     $12.00 

BO3.  75th Anniversary Coke Bottle - 3/4 full and capped, celebrating the World's 1st Coke Bottling Company in Chattanooga, TN     $15.00 

BO4.  Wine Bottle - dark green, VG, 11 inches tall, dug in central Miss.  $12.00 

BO5.  Champagne Bottle - fine, dark green, dug in central Miss., 10 inches tall.  $12.00 

BO6. Whiskey Bottle - dark brown, fine, dug in central Miss., 10 inches tall.  $12.00 

BO7.  Clay Ink - almost 4 inches tall, light brown, fine, dug in New Orleans, LA. $12.00 

BO8.  Clay Ink - 1 3/4” tall, rare size, very fine, light brown, dug in New Orleans, LA.  $12.00 

BO9. Cobalt Blue Glass Ink- square, dark cobalt blue color, sheared lip, fine condition, Rare  $45.00

BO10. Cobalt Blue Glass Ink- rectangular, dark cobalt blue color, sheared lip, fine condition, Rare  $45.00

BO11. Civil War Pepper Sauce Bottle- dug near Vicksburg, MS- light aqua blue, 8 inches tall, fine condition, 8 sided design  $55.00

BO12. Civil War Cologne Bottle - ornate, fine condition    $19.00


Buckles & Plates

BP1. US Buckle - puppy paw hooks, has all three hooks, non dug, Fine condition, $295.00

BP2. Early 1800's Napoleanic Vent Pick Plates - two plates- one is a Shield with a French Rooster and the other is a Rectangular Plate with a Lion Emblem, 1810-1820 Period, Excellent Condition, both are fastened by a Chain, Very Rare, $550.00

BP3. Union Officer Buckle - no silver wreath which is common, dug in North Miss.,  good condition  $180.00

BP4. Union Boxplate - no hooks, Slick Face- Extremely nice, dug near Mansfield-LA $99.00

BP5. Union Cartridge Box Plate - the front looks like a Buckle- Rare Style, Very Fine Face, with two solid iron hooks, great looking Box Plate, dug near Mansfield-LA $125.00

BP6. Union Cartridge Box Plate - nice face, with iron hooks, VG condition, dug in Louisiana $120.00

BP7. Union Cartridge Box Plate- with both hooks, dug in Louisiana, good condition, only $110.00

BP8. Union "Ohio" Eagle Breast Plate- with both brass hooks, dug in an Ohio Camp in Louisiana, VG condition, hard to come by Plate and priced right

BP9. Union "Ohio" Eagle Breast Plate - with both brass hooks which are bent over, good condition, only $145.00

BP10. Seven US Eagle Breast Plates- cut in half, dug in Louisiana, only $18.00 each

BP11. Union Officer Buckle - Fine Condition, dug in North Miss., No Silver Wreath which is common, #618 on Back, with all hooks  $195.00

BP12. Union "US" Box Plate Skin - dug near Egypt, MS- $18.00     

BU1.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button   - non dug, coat size with shank, XF $85.00 

BU2.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button - non-dug, vest size with shank, XF   $75.00 

BU3.  Union New York State Seal Button - non-dug, coat size, small push on front, with shank, lots of gold gilt, VF   $29.00 

BU4.  South Carolina Button - coat size, dug, with shank, G-VG condition.  $68.00 

BU5.  CS Staff Officer Button - (CS-5)  with shank, dug, very fine condition, Extra Rich/Treble Gilt B/M, loaded in Gold Gilt, Vest size, Price Guide(7th edition) has this button at $350-$500,   only  $275.00 

BU6.  1802-1818 1st Regiment Artillery Button - cuff size, with shank, VG.  $25.00 

BU7.  Union General Service Buttons - with shanks, dug in a Union camp in Texas. $4.00 each 

BU8.  Union “D” Dragoon Button - dug in Texas, with shank, VG condition, cuff.  $35.00 

BU9.  CS Block “I” Button - no shank, nice face, dug at Morton, MS, Lorings Camp.  $65.00  

BU10. CS Staff Officer Button (CS 5 in Albert's Button Book) - with shank, non dug, loaded in Gold Gilt, Extra Rich B/M, Vest size, Gorgeous button  $195.00 

BU11. Confederate Pewter Infantry "I" Button - no shank, very fine condition, Gorgeous face, Rare   $75.00

BU12. Confederate Virginia State Seal Button - cuff size, with shank, VG condition, dug in a CS Camp in Texas $85.00

BU13. Confederate Virginia State Seal Button - cuff size, no shank, Very Fine face, dug in Texas  Was $65.00, Clearance Price $58.00

BU14. Union Massachussetts Volunteer Militia Button - with shank, non dug, loaded with Gold Gilt, Very Fine condition $28.00

BU15. Union "A" Artillery Button- dug in Central Miss., with shank,Coat size, fine condition  $29.00

BU16. Union Navy Button- cuff size, with shank, tin back, gorgeous face, dug in Texas  $25.00

BU17. Spanish Coin Button- no shank, Sunburst back, "Double Gilt", fine condition $5.00

BU18. Confederate Virginia State Seal Button - cuff size, with shank, Very Fine face, dug in Texas, Gorgeous Button $95.00

BU19. CS Zouave Buttons- one coat size & one cuff size, with shanks, fine condition $10.00 for pair

BU20. Confederate Pewter Infantry "I" Button - with shank, Very Fine condition, Gorgeous face, Rare, seldom seen with shank, dug in West Tenn., $225 in Current Price Guide, my price  $150.00  

BU21. Union Officer Button with Cloth - cuff size, lots of Gold Gilt, still has piece of cloth on shank, dug in Tenn.  $25.00 ON HOLD

BU22. Union Marine Button - with shank, tin back, non dug, Very Fine Condition, hard to come by, cuff Size, lots of Gold Gilt  $65.00

BU23. Union New York State Seal Button - non dug, with shank, VF, cuff size, lots of Gold Gilt, Extra Quality backmark,   $25.00

BU24. Union Connecticutt National Guard Button - Scovill Backmark, non dug, with shank, loaded in Gold Gilt, cuff size, $29.00

BU25. Confederate South Carolina Button -   dug near Bovina, MS- Schuyler Backmark, with shank, Very Fine Condition, lots of Gold Gilt on Face- hard to find one better then this one, Vest Size, Gorgeous Button  $95.00   ON HOLD

BU26. Confederate Old English Script "I" Button- dug in Central MS, with shank, VG condition  $110.00   ON HOLD

BU27. Union Patriotic Button - cuff size, with shank, Very Fine Condition  $35.00

BU28. Napoleonic Pewter Infantry Button
-   cuff size, pewter, with shank, B/M- "LYON", found in a Box of French Military Buttons marked 7HUSS and 7REG Grenadiers, Very Fine condition, Rare  $25.00

BU29. Union Artillery "A" Button - Overcoat size, with shank, non dug, Superior Quality B/M, Very Fine condition, loaded in Gold Gilt  $35.00

BU30. Union Officer Button - with shank, Coat Size, non dug, VF condition, loaded in Gold Gilt, Mintzer B/M  $32.00

BU31. Union General Service Button - with shank, non dug, nice button, cuff size, loaded in Gold Gilt, Scovill B/M  $14.00

BU32. Union General Service Button - with shank, non dug, very fine condition, coat size, lots of Gold Gilt  $16.00

BU33. Arillery Button(1808-1821) - Eagle standing on a Cannon, with shank, Treble Gilt B/M, Non Dug, Coat Size, Very Fine condition, hard to come by non dug  $35.00

BU34. Artillery Corps Button(1814-1821) - cuff size, fine condition, dug in Louisiana, with shank  $25.00

BU35. US Militia Button(1798-1802) - GI #61 in Button Book, London B/M, with shank, non dug, Very Fine condition  $35.00

BU36. Regiment of Artillerist Button(1811-1813) - AY38 in Albert's button Book, with shank, dug, Fine condition, cuff size  $29.00

BU37. Militia Rifles Button - RF28 A in Button Book, with shank, non dug, Very Fine, hard to come by   $29.00

BU38 Early Navy Button - NA86 in Button Book, with shank, dug and loaded in Gold Gilt, benedict B/M, Fine condition $25.00

BU39. First Regiment of Artillery Button(1802-1808) - coat size, no shank, fine condition, dug in a Camp in MS which was used by Lewis of Lewis & Clark fame, hard to come by Button  $35.00

BU40. Union Infantry Button(1821) - one piece design, non dug, Gorgeous Button, with shank, Eagle with "I" on shield on the face  $25.00

BU41. Regiment of Artillerist Button(1811-1813) - AY34 in Albert's button Book, with shank, dug, Fine condition, cuff size  $29.00

BU42. Early Naval Button - made of Pewter, very hard to come by, with shank, VG condition  $45.00

BU43. Early Naval Button - made of brass, very hard to come by, with shank, Fine condition  $55.00

BU44. Army General Service(1808-1830) - "US" in Roman Letters on the front, with shank, 1 piece design, made of pewter, VG condition, dug at a Camp used by Lewis of Lewis & Clark fame, coat size  $29.00

BU45. Army General Service(1808-1830) - "US" in Roman Letters on the front, with shank, 1 piece design, made of pewter, VG condition, dug at a Camp used by Lewis of Lewis & Clark fame, cuff size  $20.00

BU46. Regiment of Artillery Button(1811-1813) - "RA" on the face, cuff size, dug in LA, with shank, VG condition, AY32 in Book, Rare Button  $50.00

BU47. Regiment of ArtilleryButton(1811-1813) - "A 2" on the face, coat size, dug in LA, with shank, VG condition, AY37 in Book, Rare Button  $30.00

BU48. New York Militia Button - one piece design, with shank, Imperial B/M, non dug, Very fine condition  $35.00

BU49. Early 1800's Infantry Officer Button(War of 1812) - cuff size, retians a-lot of Silver Gilt, Fine Condition, with shank, Rare button, GI 51 in Button Book  $95.00

BU50. First Regiment of Artillery Button(1802-1808) - cuff size, with shank, fine condition, dug in a Camp in MS which was used by Lewis of Lewis & Clark fame, hard to come by Button  $25.00

BU51. Infantry Button(1812-1815) - made of pewter, one piece design, VG condition, coat size, with shank, GI36 in button Book  $25.00

BU52. Artillery Button(1808-1821) - coat size, with shank, Eagle standing on Cannon on the front, Fine condition  $29.00

BU53. Regiment of ArtilleryButton(1811-1813) - "RA" on the face, Coat size, dug in LA, with shank, Fine condition, AY32 in Book, Rare Button  $75.00

BU54. Infantry 7th Regiment Button(1808-1811) - Vest size, with shank, Very fine condition, GI32-R7 in Button Book  $25.00

BU55. Army General Service "Great Coat" Button(1820-1839) - vest size, with shank, Very Fine condition, GI70 in Button Book   $35.00

BU56. Patriotic Eagle Button(Early 1800's) - with shank, dug in Louisiana, Very fine condition, Eagle on the Back of the Button, not listed in Albert's Button Book(Rare), 26mm- Large Button   $50.00

BU57. Union Infantry "I" Button- Fine condition, with shank, dug near Corinth-MS, lots of Gold Gilt on front, Coat Size  $18.00

BU58 Confederate Louisiana Button - cuff size, with shank, Fine condition, dug in Louisiana  $145.00

BU59. Union Artillery "A" Button- with shank, Fine condition, Gold Gilt on Face, dug in Louisiana  $25.00

BU60. Confederate North Carolina Button - with shank, Local B/M, Fine condition,  State Seal on Face, hard to find one this nice since they were weak struct Buttons $125.00

BU61. Confederate Virginia Military Institute "VMI" Button- Robinson B/M, with shank, Fine Condition, dug in Louisiana  $135.00

BU62. "USN" Navy Button - made of Hard Rubber, Overcoat size, "Novelty Rubber Co./New York/Goodyear's Patent,1851", Fine condition, 137A in Albert's Button Book,  $85.00  

Antique Cartridges & Bullets

C1.  Enfield - with remnants of powder in base, from the 'CS Wishing Well' odd bullet, large base that tapers off at the nose - has ring around nose. Drop, Fine condition.    $20.00 

C2. 9mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, non-dug, VF   $16.00 

C3. .44 Short Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, VF condition    $25.00 

C4. Remington Carbine Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, fine condition, Rare, Reference Book- Civil war Encyclopedia  $28.00 

C5. .58 Three-Ringer Cartridge - for Springfield Rifle, in paper casing, fine condition, non-dug, #7 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book   $95.00

C6. LeFaucheux 12mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, VF, used by North & South Troops.  $19.00

C7. National Revolver Cartridge - .32 caliber, (round teat) Teat Fire, #96 in McKey & Mason, in brass casing, VF.  $18.00

C8. Gallagher Carbine Cartridge - .50 caliber, in paper & foil by Poultney, nice condition, #82 in McKey & Mason.  $48.00

C9. 1841 Mississippi Rifle Cartridge - Three Ringed bullet made for 1841 Mississippi Rifle, in paper casing, non dug, fine condition   $95.00

C10. Maynard Carbine Cartridge - in brass casing, non dug, .50 caliber, very fine condition, used by both sides, very popular with CS Cavalry during the Civil War, #88 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book  $25.00  

C11.  Burnside Carbine Cartridge- in brass casing, non dug, very fine condition, .54 caliber, # 85 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book   $55.00  

C12. Carved Bullet Made Into a Fishing Weight- Soldier carved a Three-Ringer Bullet into a Fishing Weight  $10.00

C13. Square Enfield Bullet - that's right, a square Enfield Bullet- the CS Army exploded an Ammo Dump before the US Army took it over. There was crates of Enfields that compacted during the explosion and squared the bullets, unique Bullet with a unique history  $9.00

C14. Rifled Musketoon Bullet- .69 Caliber, Fine Condition, used by US & CS Troops, #293 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book  $25.00

C15. Carved Two-Ring Bullet - Soldier made, he carved this Bullet into a fine point $8.00

C16. Henry Cartridge - dug, fine condition, hard one to come by  $25.00

C17. National Cartridge - for national revolver, non dug, Very fine condition, $25.00

C18. Rare - Confederate 36 cal. Leech and Rigdon Revolver Bullet - Found near Vicksburg, MS- Fine condition    $19.00

C19. "Bavarian" Sharps Bullet - fine condition(Drop), Rare, dug in Louisiana $65.00

C20. Prussian Pattern Variant Bullet- with two Rings, #287 in Bullet Book, Fine condition- Drop, used by CS & US Troops, dug in Louisiana  $15.00



BK1. Gun Collector's Handbook Of Values - by Charles Edward Chapel, 4th edition, Copyright 1958, VG condition, 398 pages, Hardback  $18.00

BK2. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War - Volume III, The Tide Shifts, by Castle Books, 1995, 752 pages, hardback with jacket, excellent condition  $16.00

BK3. Decisive Battles of the Civil War - by Lt. Col Joseph B. Mitchell, paperback, still in original plastic shrinkwrap. Has 35 maps designed by author.  $8.00

BK4.  Shiloh - by Shelby Foote, Copyright 1952, Special Edition for Shiloh Military Trail Hikers, page 226, very good condition, paperback. $10.00

BK5.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume XLIX No. 1, February 1987,  contains stories: Poor Relief in Antebellum Mississippi, Riverboat Accounting & Profitability and US Senators & Representatives from Mississippi 1828-1836.  Fine condition, paperback, 80 pages.  $4.00

BK6.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume LX, No. 1 Spring, 1998, contains: Lost Chance to Save Vicksburg, fine condition, paperback, $4.00

BK7.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume LIV, No. 2, May 1992, contains: Forgiven or Forgotten, the Image of Jeff Davis and The Overthrow of Reconstruction in Mississippi. Fine condition, paperback.  $4.00

BK8.  Plantation Homes of Louisiana - by Pelican Publishing Company, copyright 1989, 128 pages, very good condition paperback.  $9.00

BK9.  Civil War Sites in Virginia, A Tour Guide - by James I. Robertson, Jr., copyright 1985, 100 page paperback, very good condition.  $8.00

BK10.  Musket to M14 - Pistols, Rifles and Machine Guns through the Years,  by C. B. Colby, copyright 1960, 48 page hardback, fine condition.  $18.00

BK11. Report of the Rhode Island Monument at Andersonville, GA- by E.L. Freeman & Sons, VG condition, 1903, hard to come by Book  $65.00



I1.  Andrew Johnson CDV -  no backmark, very good condition, clear image.    $65.00 
I2.  John Slidell CDV - engraving, fine.  $18.00 
I3. Washington & Lincoln CDV - fine condition.  $39.00 
I4.  CDV of Union Soldier - backmark “Mansfield’s City Gallery - St. Louis, MO”.  Rare.   $75.00 
I5.  CDV of President US Grant - in his General uniform, waist up view, Fine.  $45.00 
I6.  CDV of Lincoln & Family - clear image, fine condition.   $45.00   

I7.  CDV of George Washington - Fine condition,   $20.00

I8. Tintype of Union Engineer & Another Man- they are smoking with Clay Pipes, in half case, Hard to come by Tnitype  $385.00

I9. Tintype of Union Corporal- wearing 2 US Plates, holding a Rifle, and has a Union Flag behind him, Unique Tintype  $425.00

I10. CDV of CS General Stonewall Jackson- young Stonewall jackson before service in CS Army, fine condition, no Backmark    $95.00

I11. CDV of Grant Holding his Daughter - clear image, VG condition  $39.00

I12. CDV of Union General Wadsworth - by Wm. Ballantyne, Washington DC- period writing under image "Our General", Fine condition  $35.00

I13. CDV of General McClellan  & Wife - clear image, VG condition  $39.00

I14. CDV Of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher - seated view from waist up. Charles D. Fredericks & Co, New York backmark. $45.00

I15. Gemtype of Union Soldier - on CDV Card, with Patriotic Star Border, D.H. Cole label on Reverse    $35.00

I16. CDV of Edwin Stanton - standing view, Anthony Backmark with Revenue Stamp, Secretary of War- powerful man under Lincoln   $65.00

I17. CDV of 4 Women - the Lady in the Middle appears to be an Angel with light around her, the other women are kneeling at her side, dated 1864 by John Soule, VG condition  $25.00

I18. Union Soldier 1/6 Ambrotype - seated, in half case, good condition $125.00

I19. 1/6 Daguerrrotype of Post Mortem Baby - in Brass mat, some solarization, otherwise good condition, Rare  $75.00



M1.  Civil War Original Chess Box - wooden, with 1 chess piece, VG condition.  $29.00

M2.  Civil War Union Officer Epaulette - dug in North Miss., fine condition. Was $85.00, Clearance Price $68.00
M3.  Indian Arrowheads - good condition, dug in Georgia.  $3.00 each

M4.  Indian Arrowheads - very good condition, dug in Georgia.  $5.00 each

M5. Indian Axe Head - charcoal black rock, 5" long- 1 1/2" width, grooved, fine $75.00
M6. Pair of Civil War Bone Dice - fine condition, numbers are black and clear  $15.00

M7. 1830-1840 Shako Rossette- with both hooks, excellent condition    $65.00

M8. Slave Trade Bracelet - very fine condition, Heavy brass, used to trade for Slaves or worn by slaves, hard to come by  $45.00 

M9. Child's Slave Trade Bracelet - made for a small child, very hard to come by, VF condition, Heavy brass bracelet, used to trade for slaves or worn by slaves  $55.00

M10. Civil War Smoking Pipe - used by both sides to pass time, fine condition   $9.00

M11. Early 1800's-1850 Silver Cross- handmade, very unique & ornate, Rare.   $35.00

M12. Union Infantry Bugle Hat Pin - with hooks, non dug, excellent condition  $85.00

M13. Gaming Marker(1740-1840) -Used in Loo & Poker games, made from Mother of Pearl, shaped like a fish and finely engraved  $19.00

M14. Civil War Ivory Game Markers - pair of Game markers, made of Ivory, used by soldiers to pass time  $25.00

M15. Civil War Tobacco Smoking Display- has an Ambrotype of a man smoking a Clay Pipe, an unused Tobaccoo Package called "Sweet Mist", and an ornate Clay Pipe  $95.00

M16. Spanish/Colonial Period Wedding Ring- ornate, dug in a Settlement used by Spanish and Colonial people  $25.00

M17. Spanish/Colonial Period Earrings-  ornate, made of brass, hard to come by, fine condition  $25.00

M18. Pewter Bell- no clapper, made of pewter, fine condition, dug in a Civil War Camp  $35.00

M19. Spanish Decoration For Cavalry Horse- very fine condition, Ornate, Rare  $25.00

M20. Union Cap Box-  missing one strap, with brass finial, VG condition, only  $95.00

M21. Spanish/Colonial Period Baby Rattle- dug in a Settlement used by Spanish and Colonial Period Settlers, fine condition, still Rattles which is amazing, Rare  $35.00

M22. Civil War Coffee Boiler- with handles, fine condition $95.00

M23. Musket or Rifle Nipple Wrench Gun Tool- dug near Vicksburg  $12.00

M24. Civil War Spur- with Iron Rowel, Non Dug, Fine condition, #10 Stamped on the inside of Spur  $45.00

M25. Civil War Tea Can- with Top, very fine condition  $45.00

M26. Seated Liberty 1856 Dated Quarter- VG condition   $25.00

M27.Seated Liberty 1851 DatedDime-  VG condition $15.00

M28.Seated Liberty 1861 Dated Dime-  VG condition $15.00

M29. Octagon Heel Plate- octagon design in the center, very rare, dug in Tenn., fine condition  $39.00

M30. USN Observer Rating Patch-   Original non dug  patch of the USN. Measures about 2 5/8" x 3 1/4". Very Fine condition.   $35.00

M31. Civil War Wallet- brown, Fine condition, hard to come by   $45.00

M32. Confederate Isaac Campbell Knapsack Hook- made of iron which is Rare, dug at Middle TN    $85.00

M33. Iron Camp Site Candle Holder - good condition   $18.00

M34. Collectors Wood Cases- Frame made of wood, with glass top, 9x12x2, with key for locking, very nice item to put your prized collectibles in   $24.00

M35. Enfield Gun Tool- dug near Vicksburg, good condition  $15.00

M36. Stone Mountain, GA Brass Watch Fob-  Obverse has Stone Mountain Memorial with "Children's Founders Roll/ Stone Mountain/ Confederate/ Memorial."  Reverse has "Entrance/ to/ Memorial/ Hall.  Circa 1925.  Measures 1.22 inches in diameter.  Very good condition.  $75.00

M37. Stone Mountain, GA Brass Watch Fob- Obverse has Stone Mountain Memorial.  Reverse has "Children's/ Founders Roll/ Commemorating/ The Heroism of/ the People of the/ Confederacy."  Circa 1925.  Octagonal shaped.  Measures 1.24 inches in diameter.  Still has leather strap attached.  Very good condition.  $95.00

M38. Civil War Clover Leaf Heel Plate- dug near Tallulah, LA- Fine condition $29.00

M39. Civil War Soldier's Traveling Box or Kit- Wooden Box with handle and compartments/ mirror on the inside. Contains Tin Cup, Shaving Brush, Straight Razor, Metallic Strop with original cover, Lye Soap in holder which is marked "World's Fair- London, 1851- Philadelphia", and a Shear-Top Glass Bottle, Awesome Combination $275.00

M40. Rifle Trumpet Hat Pin - with chain still attached, very fine, Rare $250.00

M41. Union "US" Bridle Rossette - fine condition, dug in Union Cavalry Camp in Louisiana  $  39.00

M42. "US" Rosette - brass with an iron back, round shape, dug near Egypt, MS- VG condition  $28.00

M43. Large Floral Rosette - lead filled back, brass front with some gold gilt, dug in a CS Camp in North Miss, VG condition  $35.00

M44. Four-Piece Brass Telescope - first section covered in Wood, Fine condition, "London" marked  $175.00

M45. Model 1859 McClellan Saddle - fine condition, with both stirrups, and an Intertwined "USA" Saddle Shield, Extremely hard to come by  $850.00

M46. Original Package of 20 Headless Extractors, Model 1882- unopened, side has been cut to expose one of them, still tied in original string, Very Fine condition $125.00

M47. Civil War Confederate Prisoner of War Art -  two pieces of  pig rib bones, carved on by CS Soldier. One piece is 2 1/2 inches long by 2/3's of an inch wide with Eagle carved on one side and Cannon and Balls on the other side. The other piece is 3 1/3 inches long by 1 inch wide with Rebel Flag, Eagle, and Cannon with Stack of Balls. Nice detail, very cool looking items  $295.00

M48. Union Springfield Bayonet with Scabbard - Bayonet marked "US', Fine condition $175.00

M49. Union Cross-Sabor Hat Pin- dug in Texas, found in sandy soil- Gorgeous, with both hooks, Fine condition  $185.00  ON HOLD

M50. Confedrate UCV Reunion Celluloid Winnie Davis Button - with pin, Winnie Davis above two Rebel Battle Flags on face, Fine condition, Rare  $175.00
Paper Items

P1.  Gettysbury Centennial Stamp (1863-1963) - fine condition.    $4.00
P2  Wilderness Centennial Stamp (1864-1964) - fine condition.    $4.00
P3.  Connecticut Envelope - Great Seal of Connecticut, fine condition.  Was  $20.00,  Clearance Price $12.00 
P4.  Confederate General F. M. Cockrell Autograph - fine condition.  $145.00
P5.  27th Kentucky Civil War Discharge Papers - William Lockwood, Rare.  $65.00
P6.  1861 Georgia 50 Cent Note - Savannah, GA.  very fine.  $25.00
P7.  1863 GA 10 Cent Note - fine condition, Milledgeville, GA  $20.00
P8. 1863 50 Cent Georgia Note - with state seal stamp, very good condition.  $25.00
P9.  Deck of Civil War Era Playing Cards - imported from Belgium, very popular among Civil War soldiers, complete deck in wrapper  Was  $75.00, Clearance Price $50.00  SOLD 
P10.  1861 Confederate Tennessee 50 Cent Note - train in center, Nashville, VF condition, Rare.  $48.00
P11.  1863 Confederate South Carolina 15 Cent Note - good condition.  $18.00
P12.  1864 CS Georgia $2.00 Note - warship in center, VF condition, hard to come by.  $28.00
P13.  1850 $50 Augusta Note - VG, Rare.  $45.00
P14.  1862 Mississippi $2 Note - fine, Holly Springs, MS.  $35.00
P15.  1863 North Carolina $1 Note - ladies in the center, VG condition. $25.00
P16.  1863 Augusta 10 Cent Note - VG $18.00
P17.  1863 Georgia 5 Cent Note - Milledgeville, GA, fine condition. $21.00
P18. Florida Envelop e - very fine condition, "Florida Secession" & Eagle on the front    $95.00
P19. Georgia Envelope - fine condition, State Seal on the front   $45.00
P20. Virginia Envelope - fine condition, State Seal on the front  $65.00
P21. Missouri Envelope - very fine condition, State Seal on the front   $95.00
P22. 1861 Confederate States of America $50.00 Note - sailors on the left, Lady in the Center, Richmond-VA, fine condition  $65.00   SOLD
P23. Boston Daily Journal Newspaper(March 9, 1863) -  good condition, news from Vicksburg  $12.00
P24. Boston Daily Journal Newspaper(Jan. 18, 1863) - Gen. Forrest on the Cumberland River, VG condition  $20.00
P25. Boston daily Journal Newspaper(Aug. 9, 1864) - Union navy at Mobile, plus many other Civil War Stories, VG condition   $20.00
P26. 5 Boston Newspapers from May 1865 - Lincoln Conspiracies, VG condition, very sought after among collectors   ALL 5 for $100.00
P27. 1850 Augusta, GA $3.00 Note - unissued & uncirculated, excellent condition  $19.00
P28. 1864 Louisiana 50 Cent Note - Eagle on the left, Navy Ship in the middle, VG condition, Shreveport-LA   $35.00
P29. CSA $50.00 Note - Richmond, VA- Jeff Davis in the center, fine condition $55.00
P30. 1861 New Orleans/Jackson Railroad $3.00 Note - fine condition, Train in the center, Lady & Eagle on the right $39.00   SOLD
P31. 1862 Louisiana $5.00 Note - Soldier striking down Lady Liberty in the center, Pelican on the Left, Baton Rouge-LA, very fine condition  $39.00
P32. Envelope Addressed by Jeff Davis - very good condition, Rare  $195.00
P33. 1864 List of Goods at Quartermaster's Stores - Capt. Watts(CS Army Qurtermaster), 29th Alabma Regiment, Atlanta-GA, Fine condition  $85.00
P34. Confederate States Postal Receipt - Post Office at Canton, MS- Labeled to Jackson & Vicksburg, very good condition $45.00 
P35. Muster Out Roll- list large number of Soldier's and Officers mustered out at several towns in New York. VG condition, some splitting but overall nice item and large, very impressive piece. $75.00
P36. Slave Document - South Carolina, Division of an estate between two Williams Family members. List the assets taken by Eliza Williams, including the names and values of 20 Slaves, Fine Condition, Rare  $250.00
P37. Unusual Cover(Envelope)- addressed to 2nd Lieutenant James Dole , 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Washington DC- What makes this rare and unusual is the blood stain in the left corner on the front which is human(tested in Lafayette, LA)- VG condition $95.00P
P38. 1864 Confederate States of America $10 Note - fine condition, Artillery in the middle, Richmond-VA  $25.00
P39. 1864 Confederate States of America $5 Note - fine condition, Bldg. in the middle, Richmond-VA  $26.00
P40. 1864 Confederate States of America $5 Note - Very Fine condition, Bldg. in the middle, Richmond-VA  $35.00
P41. 1864 Confederate States of America $20 Note - Fine condition, Bldg. in the middl e, Richmond-VA  $35.00
P42. Union Patriotic Envelope - with Eagle & Flag in upper left corner, very fine condition  $12.00
P43. Union Patriotic Envelope - with Two Crossed flags in upper left corner, very fine condition  $12.00
P44. Unnatched German Regiment For Illinois - RARE Union broadside for the recruitment of an unattached regiment for the State of Illinois. Dated March 14, 1861. 6 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches.  Printed on heavy paper, completely in German, using Fraktur type.  $450.00
P45. (1857) Summons from Madison County, MS - signed by William Priestley who was the Confederate Postmaster and well known Mississippian, fine condition  $10.00
P46. $5.00 Columbia, SC Note- dated 1859, Gen's Taylor and Sumter on the front, fine condition  $28.00                 
Antique Weapons

W1.  Civil War Boot Pistol - designed like an Allen Pistol, but not an Allen. Serial #40, percussion firing system, action works, made by small company - Rare, 5 inch barrel. Was $265.00, Clearance Price $245.00   SOLD

W2. Civil War Double Barrell Shotgun - action works, percussion firing system, made by A. Husten, Stock has a crack but has been repaired, Good condition, highly used by CS Cavalry during the Civil War, with Wooden Ramrod which is seldom seen  $250.00       

W3. Civil War Boot Pistol - action works, fine condition, nice grips,  $215.00

W4. LeFaucheux Pinfire Revolver - Import, nice grips, with ejector rod, VG condition,  used by North & South Troops during the Civil War, 7MM Pinfire, 6 shot cylinder,  $250.00      

W5. Double-Barrel Boot Pistol - percussion firing system, looks like a small shotgun, used by North & South troops during the Civil War, action works, fine condition  $245.00   SOLD

W6. Model No. 2 Old Army Smith & Wesson Revolver-  Brass Framed, Extremely Rare, only one I have seen in 20 years, Serial #15, fine condition, action works, very few of these made by Smith & Wesson     $1600.00

W7. Allen & Wheelock Pistol - action works, single shot, 32 Rimfire, fine condition, made Early 1860's(Civil War Vintage), only 1,000 produced, Serial #898, Rare. Was $425.00, Clearance Price $400.00          

W8. Maynard Carbine(2nd Model) - made 1860 to 1865, .50 caliber, well marked with cartouche, Very Fine condition- hard to find one better then this one, action works, "VICTOR REIS" on Stock, used by both sides during the Civil War- very popular with Confederate Cavalry  $2450.00

W9. Civil War Boot Pistol - crisp action, very fine condition, used by North & South Troops during the Civil War  $215.00

W10. Union NCO Officer's Sword - marked "US- DFM-1863, Emerson & Silver, Trenton". very fine condition $325.00

W11. 1850 Militia NCO Officer's Sword - Bone Grip, with Scabbard, Pommel is a Helmet, Very Fine Condition, many saw Service during the Civil War and are seen in Photographs $275.00

W12. Foot Artillery Sword- Import, used by US & CS troops during the Civil War, Fine condition, hard to come by. Was $375.00, Clearance Price $325.00

W13. 1864 Light Artillery Sword- with Scabbard that is in Fine condition, American marked which is seldom seen, Blade marked- "US, GWS, 1864"- has Wood handle and Leather, Sword is VG-Fine condition, Rare  $750.00

W14. Musician's Sword - Model 1840, American Marked- "HORSTMANN, PHIL", tip of Sword is missing, nice Brass Guard, VG condition  $285.00

W15. Plant Front Loading Pocket Revolver- Cylinder marked "Patented July 12, 1859 & July 21, 1863"- action works, nice grips, only 20,000 produced, 30 caliber, 6-Shot Cylinder, top of Barrel marked "Eagle Arms Co., New York"- Fine condition, hard to come by Revolver  $395.00

W16. Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Pistol- "Allen's Patent" on hammer, "Patented 1837" on barrel, Serial #300 which is Low and very sought after, action works, VG condition, with 6 Inch barrel that is seldom seen, only 1600 produced, made 1830's to Civil War Period  $325.00 SOLD

W17. Foot Artillery Sword - looks like a Roman Short Sword, used by CS & US Troops during the Civil War, dug in Texas in a CS Camp, Brass Handle cleaned but looks good, Blade in nice condition for a dug Sword   $275.00

W18. 1850-Civil War Period Foot Officer's Sword- Ornate Guard, with Leather,  Import Sword, Fine Condition  $295.00

W19. 1840's Heavy Cavalry Sword/Scabbard- no leather or wire, nice wood grip, Import- highly used by CS Cavalry, Nathan B. Forrest carried a sword like this one, nice Blade, Fine Scabbard    $475.00

W20. Civil War Underhammer Boot Pistol - VG condition, underhammer percussion firing system, 11 Inch barreel(reach out and touch someone), longest Barrel I have ever seen on a Civil War Pistol,  Rare    $325.00

W21. Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Pistol - "Allen's Patent" on hammer, "Patented 1837" on barrel, Serial #45 which is Low and very sought after, action works, VG condition, only 1600 produced, made 1830's to Civil War Period  $325.00

W22. "USN" Model 1860 Navy Cutlass- with Leather & Wire, Fine condition, "USN/DR/1862/Ames Mfg. Co/Chicopee" on Blade $475.00

W23. "USN" Naval Officer's Sword- with wire and Shark Skin, Very Fine condition, Gorgeous Engraved Blade- Shield, Stars, Flag, USN,Anchor, Eagle, and Rope, Rare Sword,  #138 in "The American Sword Book",    $650.00

W24. Civil War Boot Pistol - percussion firing system, action works, VG condition, nice grips  $195.00

W25. 1860 Cavalry Sword - very good condition, Import, with some of the Wire & Leather, only $295.00

W26. 1850's Sidehammer Shotgun - nice wood, with brass tipped ramrod, action works, fine condition  $275.00

W27. 1840 Heavy Cavalry Sword & Scabbard - with Leather and Brass Wire, Very Fine Scabbard, highly used by CS Cavalry, Nice Blade, "W. Clauberg/Solingen" on the Blade  $525.00

W28. 1840 Heavy Cavalry Sword & Scabbard - with Brass Wire and Leather, Fine Scabbard, overall Fine condition, highly used by CS Cavalry, 5 distinct notches put on Hilt by Soldier, Import Sword  $510.00

W29. 1860 Cavalry Sword & Scabbard - displayed in a Beautiful Mahogany Shadow Box with Faux Suede background and matted in Black Faux Suede. Import Sword, no Wire or Leather on Handle but still has Wood Grip, Scabbard is Fine condition, Hilt is down at the top for the Thumb and Charging, Awesome looking Display  $645.00

W30. Civil War Brass-Handled Sabor Bayonet - missing spring, very good condition, Zouave Style  $225.00

W31. Civil War Import Musket - unmarked, cut down to carbine, action is tight, missing front band and nose cap, VG condition $350.00

W32. Confederate Fayetteville Rifle - Very Fine looking Confederate Rifle with excellent eye appeal, forend expertly replaced with period wood and one band, Action works, has long range site, Barrel in Fine Condition with "VP" marking, "1863/CSA with Eagle/Fayetteville" legible on Lockplate, Brass Buttplate marked "CSA". Price Guide starts these Rifles at $12,000+.  Our price is  $6500.00

W33. Model 1840 Import Cavalry Sword Carried by Mississippi Soldier -  with Scabbard which is in fine condition, blade marked K&C, original leather and wire on grip, overall very good to fine condition. Comes with letter from family of owner. One branch of hand guard is broken which is referenced in the letter.  ID'd to Rufus B White who rode with Nathan B. Forrest.  Copies of White's records are included.  $1500.00


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