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Dan & Teresa Patterson
P.O. Box 2468
Madison, MS 39130-2468 


The Civil War Connection
 Relics & Detectors 
                                May 2006 Catalog

Pictures Available Upon Request  



Civil War Connection is proud to have made a contribution of expertise in the newly published Warman's Civil War Collectibles by John F. Graf.   The book's information was obtained from  some of the most knowledgable experts and dealers representing various regions of the country.  It is a superb Price Guide for Civil War memorabilia containing 571 pages with numerous pics & detailed descriptions making it an invaluable and easy to understand tool for anyone interested in Civil War memorabilia from expert to beginner.

We are proud Members of the Tri-State Coin & Relic Hunters Club and The Mississippi Archaeological Association.

Check Out our Latest Finds- 1843 New Orleans Silver Dime pictured on the Front Cover of the Jan. 2006 Issue of American Digger Magazine and in the "Just Dug" Section along with a nice 24 pd Bormann. I found both close to each other near Vicksburg.

Civil War Connection is a Distributor of American Digger Magazine. If you enjoy any kind of artifacts and great Relic Hunting Stories, you'll love this bi- monthly magazine. Order your Copy today.

Ancient Artifacts

AA1. Egyptian Beads - group of five in various colors & sizes displayed in case.  $8.00  Group of 16 beads.. $14.00 

AA2.   Egyptian (Mummy) Ushabtis Amulet - 600 BC.  Mummy Amulets were put in tomb with a mummy and were supposed to spring to life and serve the mummy in the after life. Was $85.00,  * Spring Price $70.00 *  

AA3.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, 200-400 AD, Warrior on the back, 22mm size, fine condition.  $9.00 

AA4.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, man & woman on the back, 20mm size, very good condition, 1600 - 1800 years old.  $8.00 

AA5.   Roman Coin - Emperor on the front, warrior on the back, 22mm, fine condition.  $9.00 

AA6.  Roman Coin - Ruler on the front, Large Bird on Back of Coin, 200 - 400 AS, very good condition.  $9.00 

AA7.  Roman Coin - Ruler on the front, 2 people on the back, traces of silver remain, 1600 - 1800 years old, very good condition.  $9.00 

AA8.  Roman Coin - 18mm size, ruler on the front, 200 - 400 AD, warrior on the back, fine condition.  $9.00 

AA9. Egyptian Bead Bracelet - group of Egpytian Beads made into a Bracelet, 300 BC, comes with a free display case, Fine Condition  $25.00

AA10. Large Egyptian Scarab - 300 BC, large version which is hard to come by, hierglyphics on the bottom, made for a Necklace  $75.00   SOLD

AA11.   Egyptian Scarab - 300 BC, smaller version of the one above, hierglyphics on the bottom, made for a Necklace  $55.00

AA12. Ancient Roman Terra Cotta Bottle - has crack in neck and chipoff of lip, still a nice looking piece and reasonably priced  $25.00

AA13. 1000 BC Bronze Dagger- Rare dug item    $175.00

AA14. 1300 AD Bronze Mongul Arrowheads- Fine condition, Rare  $45.00

AA15. Iron Medieval Mace Head -- about 2 inches wide by 1 inch high.  In good dug condition.  Dating to the 13th century this mace head was found in the Balkans.  $95.00

Antique Artillery

AR1  Civil War Artillery Paper Time Fuse - an original paper time fuse for an exploding artillery projectile. 5 Second Fuse. Nicely displayed in a riker case $25.00   SOLD

AR2. US/CS 9 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - good condition, dug in Louisiana $110.00   SOLD

AR3. CS 6 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - Good condition, dug near Vicksburg  $95.00

AR4. Civil War 12 pd. Bormann - VF condition, with nice fuse which blew out of shell
$245.00  SOLD
AR5. US/CS 32 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball - VG Iron, dug near Vicksburg   $225.00

AR6. US/CS 9 Pd. Incendiary Shell - Fine Iron, Two Fuse Holes- one on either end that are identical. I cleaned the Body of the Shell but left rust in the holes to show this was done by soldiers. All I can figure is this was used as an Incendiary Shell. I have seen and cleaned a bunch of Shells in my day but this is the only I have seen like it- very Unique Shell, dug near Vicksburg   $225.00  SOLD

AR7. Artillery Gimlet - Very Fine condition    $68.00

AR8. US/CS 12 Pd. Solid Shot Cannonball- Fine condition, much harder to come by then a 12 pd. Bormann   $165.00  SOLD

AR9. Union 10 pd. Parrott- with brass sabot, blew the fuse out and tried to blow out one side, it has a small crack and a slight poofed out spot, Unique Shell, dug near Vicksburg  $190.00

AR10. US/CS 24 pd. Solid Shot Cannonball- Rarity 7+, Fine condition, almost exclusively found in Vicksburg and Port Hudson Campaigns    $275.00  SOLD  

AR11. CS 12 Pd. Wood Plug Shell- Very Fine Iron which is seldom seen on these shells $250.00

AR12. Wood Fused 2.75 Hand Grenade- distinct Mold Seam running North/South, fine iron, very scarce   $395.00

AR13. Hotchkiss Shell- 3.67 Hotchkiss shell with sabot. This is a unique shell, the very top of the nose blew off but the rest of the shell is intact and perfect, dug near Vicksburg  $265.00

AR14. Navy 8 Inch Solid Shot Cannonball- very fine condition, much harder to come
by then a wood plug shell, dug in Central Miss.   $285.00    SOLD

AR15. Navy 10 Inch Solid Shot Cannonball- very fine condition, dug in Central Miss.
$290.00  SOLD

AR16. Twelve Pd. Bormann Shell- VG condition, nice fuse for a 12 pd. Bormann, dug in LA  $275.00

AR17. Civil War Artillery Paper Time Fuse - an original paper time fuse for an exploding artillery projectile. Green color and in a plain paper wrapping, possibly CS. Nicely displayed in a riker case. $35.00

AR18. Thirteen Inch Mortor Shell
- exploded in the ground, I have most of the pieces, great jigsaw puzzle, won't ship- you have to come get this one, awesome shell and at a reasonable price considering what each frag sells for  $375.00  SOLD

AR19. Three Inch Schenkl Shell-
with brass percussion fuse, you can unscrew center cap and take out the plunger- too cool, VG condition   $345.00


BO1.  Clay Ink Bottles - small ink that are sometimes found in Civil War camps.   $12.00 each 

BO2.  100th Anniversary Coke Bottle - still full and capped, only made in Vicksburg, MS by Biedenhorn (First bottler of Coca Cola), Fine condition.     $12.00 

BO3.  75th Anniversary Coke Bottle - 3/4 full and capped, celebrating the World's 1st Coke Bottling Company in Chattanooga, TN     $15.00 

BO4.  Wine Bottle - dark green, VG, 11 inches tall, dug in central Miss.  $12.00 

BO5.  Champagne Bottle - fine, dark green, dug in central Miss., 10 inches tall.  $12.00 

BO6. Whiskey Bottle - dark brown, fine, dug in central Miss., 10 inches tall.  $12.00 

BO7.  Clay Ink - almost 4 inches tall, light brown, fine, dug in New Orleans, LA. $12.00 

BO8.  Clay Ink - 1 3/4” tall, rare size, very fine, light brown, dug in New Orleans, LA.  $12.00 

BO9. Civil War Pepper Sauce Bottle - dug near Vicksburg, MS- light aqua blue, 8 inches tall, fine condition, 8 sided design  $55.00   SOLD

BO10. Civil War Cologne Bottle - ornate, fine condition    $19.00

BO11. Civil War New Orleans Blob Top Bottle - dark Aqua Blue, VG condition, "Mineral Water Factory/Pablo & Co/270&272 Royal Street" embossed on the side of the bottle, dug in New Orleans, LA, Rare  $35.00   SOLD

BO12. Civil War 8 Sided Umbrella Ink - light Aqua Blue, 8 sided, dug in New Orleans, LA- fine condition  $49.00

BO13. Biedenharn Script Coke Bottle -  "Biedenharn" on the side of the bottle, Script "Coca Cola" at the Top-first time Script "Coca Cola" was ever put on a bottle, VG condition, Rare Coke Bottle   $115.00   SOLD

BO14. Civil War Medicine Bottle - aqua blue, 7 inches tall, fine condition, graphite pontil on bottom  $15.00

BO15. Cathedral Pickle Bottle- with Leaves on Shoulder, 8 inches tall, fine condition, dug in
Central MS  $125.00  SOLD

BO16. Large Glass Master Ink- light blue, dug in Central MS, 9 inches tall  $35.00  SOLD

BO17. Eight Sided Umbrella Ink- dug in Central MS, pontiled bottom, VF condition  $49.00

BO18. Smooth Sided Cone Glass Ink- shear top neck(small chip were they made it)
dug in Central MS, hard to come by  $55.00

BO19. Large Whiskey Bottle- 3 piece mold, nice condition  $19.00

BO20. Ginger Beer Bottle- two tone(white & tan), VG condition  $19.00

BO21. Ginger Beer Bottle- Rare all white Ginger Beer, Fine condition  $25.00

BO22. Clay Ink- Rare Cone shape, nice condition  $19.00

BO23. Ginger Beer Bottle- Rare Brown Ginger Beer Bottle, Fine condition  $25.00

BO24. Blob Top Soda Bottle- pontiled, VG condition, aqua blue  $19.00

BO25. 1850's Gin Bottle- with glass seal, a few pings here & there but still a very nice Gin that is hard to come by, dark green glass, dug in New Orleans, LA  $45.00

Buckles & Plates

BP1. US Buckle - puppy paw hooks, has all three hooks, non dug, Fine condition, $295.00

BP2. Union Boxplate - no hooks, Split in half be Soldier- fits together like a puzzle, dug near Vicksburg, MS    $55.00   SOLD

BP3. Union Cartridge Box Plate - nice face, with iron hooks, VG condition, dug in Louisiana, Was $120.00,   * Spring Price $110.00 *   SOLD  

BP4. Union Cartridge Box Plate - with both hooks, dug in Louisiana, good condition, Was $110.00,   * Spring Price $99.00 *SOLD

BP5. Union "Ohio" Eagle Breast Plate - with both brass hooks which are bent over, good condition, Scarce Breastplate, only $115.00  SOLD  

BP6  CS "Beveled Edge" Frame Buckle - dug in Central MS, Fine condition   $350.00

BP7. Union "US" Boxplate-
from the Vicksburg Campaign, with hooks, Very Fine condition, modified by Soldier and turned into a Buckle, one of the Coolest & most unique Boxplates I have seen dug around here   $190.00  SOLD

BP8. Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle- with Bat Wing, has both hooks, VG condition, dug near Bovina, MS    $95.00  SOLD

BP9. CS "Standard" Georgia Frame Buckle(ca. 1861-1865) - Very Fine condition, dug in North Miss.   $325.00   SOLD

BP10. Union Oval Militia Buckle- with both hooks, styled like a "Baby US Buckle, lead filled back, Non Dug, Very Fine condition  $225.00  SOLD

BP11. War of 1812 Cross Belt Plate(Buckle) -  2.5 X 3.5 inches with all three hooks,  p.167 in Kerksis.  This plate was dug near the Civil War battlefield of Mansfield, LA and was probably worn by a Confederate soldier.  A Rarity 6 and in fine condition.  $350.00  SOLD

BP12. Rare Oval Plain Faced Buckle-
dug in a CS camp near Canton, MS- with iron hooks, has brass front, unique Buckle   $425.00  SOLD

BP13. Union Officer Buckle- Fine condition, with hooks, no silver wreath which is common, #471 on back    $225.00   SOLD

BP14. Union Buckle- with all 3 hooks(puppy paw), good condition, dug in Union General
Grant's Camp(Vicksburg Campaign)   $95.00   SOLD

BP15. Union Boxplate- no hooks, dug in Union General Grant's Camp, good condition, priced right  $69.00   SOLD

BP16. Union Breastplate- no hooks, dug in Union General Grant's Camp
(Vicksburg Campaign), good condition, priced right  $85.00

BP17. Union Breastplate- no hooks, VG condition, made by WH SMITH BROOKLYN, part of makers name visible on the back, dug in Grant's Camp near Vicksburg, only $85.00

BP18. Union Boxplate- no hooks, good condition, Soldier carved a checker board pattern on the back, dug in Grant's Camp    $75.00  SOLD

BP19. Union Buckle-
with all 3 hooks(Puppy Paw), Good condition, has 3 holes in back where Silver Plate attached or was done by Soldier, dug near Bovina, MS  $125.00

BP20. Relic Case with US Buckle & US Breastplate- Case of Relics dug near Vicksburg- US Buckle with 3 Hooks, US Eagle Breastplate with no hooks, 2 Union Buttons, 69 Three-Ringer, 58 Three-Ringer, and a Musketball    $145.00  SOLD

BP21. Confederate Plain Faced Rectangular Buckle-  Clip Cornered, made out of sheet brass, Fine condition, and you can still see where the 3 hooks were soldered on, dug near Vicksburg   $190.00  SOLD

BP22. Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle- with 2 hooks, VG condition, with Bat Wing  $110.00

BP23. Union Cavalry Carbine Buckle- with one hook, possibly for Buckle use, with Bat Wing, VG condition  $95.00

BP24. CS Cavalry Carbine Buckle- Thick Style, with both Hooks, with bat Wing, very hard to come by, VG condition  $185.00

BP25. US Buckle- no lead but has all three hooks(arrow hooks), good condition, some roughness around rim, unique relic, dug near Vicksburg, MS  $85.00

BU1.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button   - non dug, coat size with shank, XF $85.00 

BU2.  CS South Carolina State Seal Button - non-dug, vest size with shank, XF   $75.00 

BU3.  Union New York State Seal Button - non-dug, coat size, small push on front, with shank, lots of gold gilt, VF   $29.00 

BU4.  South Carolina Button - coat size, dug, with shank, G-VG condition.  $68.00 SOLD 

BU5.  CS Staff Officer Button - (CS-5)  with shank, dug, very fine condition, Extra Rich/Treble Gilt B/M, loaded in Gold Gilt, Vest size, Price Guide(7th edition) has this button at $350-$500,   only  $275.00    SOLD  

BU6.  1814-1821 Artillery Corps Button - cuff size, with shank, "CORPS" below Eagle & cannon on face, VG condition  $25.00

BU7.  Union General Service Buttons - with shanks, dug in a Union camp in Texas. $4.00 each  SOLD

BU8. CS Staff Officer Button (CS 5 in Albert's Button Book) - with shank, non dug, loaded in Gold Gilt, Extra Rich B/M, Vest size, Gorgeous button  $195.00 SOLD 

BU9. Confederate Virginia State Seal Button - cuff size, with shank, VG condition, dug in a CS Camp in Texas, some Gold Gilt on face $85.00  

BU10. Confederate Virginia State Seal Button - cuff size, no shank, Very Fine face, dug in Texas  Was $65.00, * Spring Price $58.00 *   

BU11. Union Massachussetts Volunteer Militia Button - with shank, non dug, loaded with Gold Gilt, Very Fine condition $28.00

BU12. Union "A" Artillery Button- dug in Central Miss., with shank,Coat size, fine condition  $29.00   SOLD

BU13. Union Navy Button- cuff size, with shank, tin back, gorgeous face, dug in Texas  $25.00

BU14. Spanish Coin Button- no shank, Sunburst back, "Double Gilt", fine condition $5.00

BU15. CS Zouave Buttons - Two coat size buttons, with shanks, fine condition $10.00 for pair

BU16. Union Marine Button - with shank, tin back, non dug, Very Fine Condition, hard to come by, cuff Size, lots of Gold Gilt  $65.00

BU17. Union New York State Seal Button - non dug, with shank, VF, cuff size, lots of Gold Gilt, Extra Quality backmark,   $25.00

BU18. Union Connecticutt National Guard Button - Scovill Backmark, non dug, with shank, loaded in Gold Gilt, cuff size, $29.00

BU19. Union Patriotic Button - cuff size, with shank, Very Fine Condition  $35.00

BU20. Napoleonic Pewter Infantry Button
-   cuff size, pewter, with shank, B/M- "LYON", found in a Box of French Military Buttons marked 7HUSS and 7REG Grenadiers, Very Fine condition, Rare  $25.00

BU21. Union Artillery "A" Button - Overcoat size, with shank, non dug, Superior Quality B/M, Very Fine condition, loaded in Gold Gilt  $35.00  SOLD

BU22. Union Officer Button - with shank, Coat Size, non dug, VF condition, loaded in Gold Gilt, Mintzer B/M  $32.00

BU23. Union General Service Button - with shank, non dug, nice button, cuff size, loaded in Gold Gilt, Scovill B/M  $14.00

BU24. Union General Service Button - with shank, non dug, very fine condition, coat size, lots of Gold Gilt  $16.00

BU25. Regiment of Artillerist Button(1811-1813) - AY38 in Albert's button Book, with shank, dug, Very Good condition, cuff size  $29.00  SOLD

BU26. Early Naval Button - made of brass, very hard to come by, with shank, Fine condition  $55.00

BU27. Army General Service "Great Coat" Button - "US" in Roman Letters on the front, with shank, 2 piece design, made of brass, VG condition, cuff size  $20.00  SOLD

BU28. Regiment of ArtilleryButton(1811-1813) - "RA" on the face, Coat size, dug in LA, with shank, Fine condition, AY32 in Book, Rare Button  $75.00  SOLD

BU29. Patriotic Eagle Button(Early 1800's) - with shank, dug in Louisiana, Very fine condition, Eagle on the Back of the Button, not listed in Albert's Button Book(Rare), 26mm- Large Button   $50.00

BU30. Artillery Button(1808-1821) -  with shank, overcoat size, dug in LA, VG condition  $39.00

BU31. British 42nd Regiment Button - with shank, some Silver Plating remains,  "42" on face, Very Fine condition  $39.00   SOLD

BU32. 1850's Union Officers Silver Plated Button - Non dug, no shank, VF condition, Eagle with "I" in the shield  $29.00

BU33. Union Connecticutt State Seal Button - with shank, Lots of gold Gilt on face, Fine condition, dug in LA near Vicksburg   $49.00   SOLD

BU34. CS South Carolina State Seal Button - Coat size, with shank, Fine Condition, dug near vicksburg  $95.00   SOLD

BU35. CS Virginia State Seal Button - VG condition, with shank, dug in LA near Vicksburg, One Piece design, Coat Size  $95.00 SOLD

BU36. US "I" Button - with shank, lots of gold on face, cuff size, dug in Grant's Camp near Vicksburg  $9.00

BU37. CS Script "I" Button - with shank, dug at Bovina, MS- good condition
$95.00   SOLD

BU38. CS Georgia State Seal Button - no shank, good condition, Coat size, Horstmann B/M, dug at Bovina, MS    $95.00   SOLD

BU39. CS South Carolina State Seal Button - with shank, "SC" on front, with shank,Vest size, VG condition   $90.00

BU40. CS Script "I" Button - no shank, dug at Bovina, MS- very good condition, local B/M, only  $65.00   SOLD

BU 41. US Rhode Island Button - coat size, non dug, Robinson B/M, loaded in Gold Gilt, gorgeous button, with shank  $60.00

BU42. CS Louisiana Pelican Button
- Cuff size, with shank, lots of Gold Gilt, nice Button, dug in Central MS(Vicksburg Campaign)    $165.00   SOLD

BU43. CS Infantry "I" Solid Cast Button - with shank, cast one piece button, Very Fine condition, dug in near Vicksburg   $125.00  SOLD  
BU44. CS "VMI" Virginia Military Institute Button - no shank, 80% Gold Gilt on face, Robinson B/M, dug near Vicksburg, MS- Fine condition  $85.00 SOLD

BU45. Rare Union Officer Button-  with shank, loaded in Gold Gilt, dug near Vicksburg, MS- GS 22 in Albert's Book, Scovill B/M, Rare Button   $49.00  SOLD

BU46. Republic Of Texas Navy Button- Coat size, with shank, small push on face, loaded in Gilt, VG condition- hard to find with Face this nice, Super Rare, Local B/M, dug near Vicksburg   $950.00  SOLD

BU47. CS Mississippi "I" Button- Fine condition, some gold gilt on face, dug near Vicksburg-MS, with Shank, Hyde & Goodrich, NO backmark   $340.00  SOLD

BU48. CS Infantry "I" Solid Cast Button - with shank, cast one piece button, Very Fine condition, dug near Vicksburg   $125.00  SOLD

BU49. Union Artillery "A" Button-  Coat size, with shank. traces of Gold Gilt, Fine condition, dug in LA, Horstmann B/M  $25.00  SOLD

BU50. Union Artillery "A" Button- Coat size, with shank, traces of Gold Gilt, Fine condition, dug in LA, Scovill B/M   $25.00  SOLD

BU51. Union Staff Officer Button- cuff size, with shank, dug in LA, Gold Gilt on face, Fine condition   $15.00

BU52. Union Staff Officer Button- Coat size, with shank, Fine condition, dug in LA  $28.00

BU53. Union Early Artillery Button- two piece style, Gold Gilt on face, with shank, dug in LA, Fine condition $35.00  SOLD

BU54. First Regiment of Riflemen Button
- (RF 6), with shank, Very Fine condition, Rare,
$175.00  SOLD

BU55. Connecticut State Seal Button- coat size, with shank, Fine condition   $45.00

BU56. Connecticut State Seal Button- cuff size, with shank, lots of Gold Gilt, very fine condition, dug near Vicksburg   $30.00 

BU57. Confederate Staff Officer Button with Stars - Droop Wing Eagle surrounded by Stars, CS22 in Button Book, with shank, VG condition, Local backmark, dug near Morton, MS
$165.00  SOLD

BU58. Union "I" Infantry Button-
overcoat szie, hard to come by, Gold Gilt on face, with shank, Fine condition, dug at Bovina, MS   $19.00

BU59. Confederate Cavalry "C" Button- nice face- very clear, back is present but had tobe secured in there by the digger, Lined "C", Rare Button at the right price, dug at Bovina, MS  $125.00  SOLD

BU60. CS North Carolina Sunburst Button- very fine condition, no shank was is typical

BU61. Flower Button- 24mm, R & W Robinson B/M, 80% gold gilt on remaining, found in a Civil War Camp near Vicksburg  $10.00

BU62. Rhode Island State Seal Button
- with shank, D.Evans B/M, VG condition, dug at Port Hudson, LA   $46.00

BU63. Connecticutt State Seal Button- with shank, VG condition, dug at Port Hudson $45.00

BU64. French 67th Regimental Button- made of pewter, with Turret shank, Fine condition which is hard to come by in these buttons, Rare 1700's Button $65.00

BU65. CS Infantry Block "I" Button- very fine condition, tin back with brass shank which is hard to come by, dug near Morton, MS  $89.00  SOLD

BU66. CS Infantry Block "I" Button- very fine condition, gorgeous green patina, with tin back and iron shank, dug near Morton, MS  $79.00  SOLD

Antique Cartridges & Bullets

C1.  Enfield - with remnants of powder in base, from the 'CS Wishing Well' odd bullet, large base that tapers off at the nose - has ring around nose. Drop, Fine condition.    $20.00 

C2. 9mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, non-dug, VF   $16.00 SOLD  

C3. .44 Short Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, VF condition    $25.00 

C4. Remington Carbine Cartridge - non-dug, in brass casing, fine condition, Rare, Reference Book- Civil war Encyclopedia  $28.00  SOLD  

C5. .58 Three-Ringer Cartridge - for Springfield Rifle, in paper casing, fine condition, non-dug, #7 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book   $75.00  SOLD  

C6. LeFaucheux 12mm Pinfire Cartridge - in brass casing, VF, used by North & South Troops.  $16.00  SOLD

C7. National Revolver Cartridge - .32 caliber, (round teat) Teat Fire, #96 in McKey & Mason, in brass casing, VF.  $18.00  SOLD

C8. Gallagher Carbine Cartridge - .50 caliber, in paper & foil by Poultney, nice condition, #82 in McKey & Mason.  $48.00   SOLD

C9.  Burnside Carbine Cartridge- in brass casing, non dug,  fine condition, .54 caliber, # 85 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book   $55.00 SOLD    

C10. Carved Bullet Made Into a Fishing Weight- Soldier carved a Three-Ringer Bullet into a Fishing Weight  $10.00   SOLD

C11. Square Enfield Bullet - that's right, a square Enfield Bullet- the CS Army exploded an Ammo Dump before the US Army took it over. There was crates of Enfields that compacted during the explosion and squared the bullets, unique Bullet with a unique history  $9.00   SOLD

C12. Rifled Musketoon Bullet- .69 Caliber, Fine Condition, used by US & CS Troops, #293 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book  $25.00   SOLD

C13. Carved Two-Ring Bullet - Soldier made, he carved this Bullet into a fine point $8.00

C14. National Cartridge - for national revolver, non dug, Very fine condition, $25.00

C15. Rare - Confederate 36 cal. Leech and Rigdon Revolver Bullet - Found near Vicksburg, MS- Fine condition    $19.00   SOLD

C16. Prussian Pattern Variant Bullet - with two Rings, #287 in Bullet Book, Fine condition- Drop, used by CS & US Troops, dug in Louisiana  $15.00   SOLD

C17. Billinghurst & Requa Machine Gun Cartridge - Very Fine condition, non dug, in brass casing, Rare, #132 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book, Was  $145.00,
* Spring Price $115.00 *  SOLD

C18. Macon, GA Enfield Cartridge - Fine condition, #38 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book, made at Macon, GA- Non Dug, in Paper Casing, Rare  $195.00  SOLD

C19. Bavarian Sharps Bullet - VG condition, dug near Vicksburg   $38.00 SOLD  

C20. CSA Brunswick Rifle Bullet - Fine condition, nice dug petina, Large Bullet, #39 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book, Very Rare $25.00   SOLD

C21. 69 Three-Ringer Nipple Protector -  69 Bullet made into a Nipple Protector, dug near Vicksburg, Cool Looking    $7.00   SOLD

C22. Two Poker Chips -  dug near Vicksburg, nicely made, $7.00

C23. Plant Revolver Cartridge - .42 caliber, #99 in McKey & Mason Bullet Book, Non Dug, VFine condition  $25.00  SOLD

C24. Spencer Carbine Cartridge - non dug, very fine condition, $25.00

C25. 1864 Westley Richard Cartridge - in paper, non dug, Very Fine condition, Rare  $150.00

C26. Large 69 Caliber Cartridge - non dug, in Paper Casing, Very Fine condition, hard to come by $95.00  SOLD

C27. Confederate Musketball Cartridge - in Paper Casing, non dug, Very Fine condition, hard to come by, 54 caliber  $95.00 SOLD  

C28. "St. Louis Armory" Starr Carbine Cartridge - in Linen Casing, non dug, Very Fine condition, made at St. Louis Armory- blue paper on botton, Rare  $110.00  SOLD

C29. Smith Carbine Cartridge - in Cardboard Casing, Non Dug, VF condition  $100.00 SOLD

C30. Sharps Carbine Cartridge- in Linen casing, non dug, VF condition   $95.00  

C31. 12MM Pinfire Cartridge- in brass casing, non dug, VF condition  $16.00

C32. Baby Sharps Carbine Bullet- 46 Caliber, good condition, dug in LA  $12.00   SOLD

C33. Three-Ringer Cartridge-
58 caliber, with paper casing, dug in a creek, extremely hard to come by in dug condition, fine looking cartridge   $55.00

C34. Three Piece Shaler Bullet- round nose, has all 3 parts, extremely rare bullet, one of the most unique bullets used in the Civil War   $115.00

C35. Smith Carbine Cartridge- 50 caliber, paper & foil, made by Poultney, Very Fine condition  $89.00

C36. CS Enfield 69 Tower Bullet- dropped condition,  two tiny nicks but still very nice, dug near Morton, MS   $25.00  SOLD



BK1. Gun Collector's Handbook Of Values - by Charles Edward Chapel, 4th edition, Copyright 1958, VG condition, 398 pages, Hardback  $18.00

BK2. Battles and Leaders of the Civil War - Volume III, The Tide Shifts, by Castle Books, 1995, 752 pages, hardback with jacket, excellent condition  $16.00

BK3. Decisive Battles of the Civil War - by Lt. Col Joseph B. Mitchell, paperback, still in original plastic shrinkwrap. Has 35 maps designed by author.  $8.00

BK4.  Shiloh - by Shelby Foote, Copyright 1952, Special Edition for Shiloh Military Trail Hikers, page 226, very good condition, paperback. $10.00  SOLD

BK5.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume XLIX No. 1, February 1987,  contains stories: Poor Relief in Antebellum Mississippi, Riverboat Accounting & Profitability and US Senators & Representatives from Mississippi 1828-1836.  Fine condition, paperback, 80 pages.  $4.00

BK6.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume LX, No. 1 Spring, 1998, contains: Lost Chance to Save Vicksburg, fine condition, paperback, $4.00

BK7.  The Journal of Mississippi History - Volume LIV, No. 2, May 1992, contains: Forgiven or Forgotten, the Image of Jeff Davis and The Overthrow of Reconstruction in Mississippi. Fine condition, paperback.  $4.00

BK8.  Plantation Homes of Louisiana - by Pelican Publishing Company, copyright 1989, 128 pages, very good condition paperback.  $9.00

BK9.  Civil War Sites in Virginia, A Tour Guide - by James I. Robertson, Jr., copyright 1985, 100 page paperback, very good condition.  $8.00

BK10.  Musket to M14 - Pistols, Rifles and Machine Guns through the Years,  by C. B. Colby, copyright 1960, 48 page hardback, fine condition.  $18.00

BK11. Report of the Rhode Island Monument at Andersonville, GA - by E.L. Freeman & Sons, VG condition, 1903, hard to come by Book  $65.00

BK12. Decision In Mississippi- by Edwin Bearss, VG condition, extremely Rare and desirable Book, Autograped & dated by Bearss  $115.00   SOLD

BK13. The Public Life of John Brown - by James Redpath, VG condition, published in 1860 in Boston, Rare Book  $55.00

BK14. The Gunboat Series Before Vicksburg- dated 1866, by H.C. Castlemon, VG
condition  $29.00


I1.  Andrew Johnson CDV -  no backmark, very good condition, clear image.    $65.00
I2.  John Slidell CDV - engraving, fine.  $18.00
I3. Washington & Lincoln CDV - fine condition.  $39.00

I4.  CDV of Union Soldier - backmark “Mansfield’s City Gallery - St. Louis, MO”.  Rare.   $75.00   SOLD
I5.  CDV of President US Grant - in his General uniform, waist up view, Fine.  $45.00 SOLD
I6.  CDV of Lincoln & Family - clear image, fine condition.   $45.00   SOLD   

I7.  CDV of George Washington - Fine condition,   $20.00

I8. Tintype of Union Engineer & Another Man- they are smoking with Clay Pipes, in half case, Hard to come by Tnitype  $385.00   SOLD

I9. CDV of Grant Holding his Daughter - clear image, VG condition  $39.00

I10. CDV of Union General Wadsworth - by Wm. Ballantyne, Washington DC- period writing under image "Our General", Fine condition  $35.00

I11. CDV of General McClellan  & Wife - clear image, VG condition  $39.00

I12. CDV Of Rev. Henry Ward Beecher - seated view from waist up. Charles D. Fredericks & Co, New York backmark. $45.00

I13. CDV of Edwin Stanton - standing view, Anthony Backmark with Revenue Stamp, Secretary of War- powerful man under Lincoln   $65.00   SOLD

I14. CDV of 4 Women - the Lady in the Middle appears to be an Angel with light around her, the other women are kneeling at her side, dated 1864 by John Soule, VG condition  $25.00

I15. Union Soldier 1/6 Ambrotype - seated, in half case, good condition $125.00   SOLD

I16. Civil War Tintype of a Boy-
in a nice Gutta Percha Case, VG condition, holding a Large Knife, possibly playing Soldier, Rare   $155.00   SOLD

I17. Unusual Western Theme Albumen Photo- An outdoor photo showing eight men on horseback.  One of the men is pointing a small caliber pistol in the air.  Another young dandy is holding a knife in each hand and jokingly pointing the knives at the chests of the riders to his left and right.  This could be a picture of a posse except that one of the men is holding a baby who has a doll in one hand.  Circa 1880 to 1900.  Measures 8.5X6.5 inches in very good condition with some water staining on the edges.  $125.00

I18. Another Unusual Western Photo - This time a man is sitting on a porch holding a towel around his neck while a woman in a bonnet pours something from a can onto his head while another man massages it into the seated man's head.  Circa 1880 in very good condition.  Image measures 3.25 inches square.  Black backing measures 5.25 inches square.  $50.00

I19. Tintype and Testimonial of Sgt. George Perkins- he was a Sergeant in the 3rd New
Hampshire Infantry Regiment, and enlisted in 1861 at age 25. He was KIA at Deep Bottom, VA.
The Testimonial from the State of New Hampshire measures 15 x 12 with a water stain covering
the bottom right two thirds. The testimonial was presented to the Perkins family in 1867. The
tintype is a one sixth plate, waste up view, of a seated Sgt. Perkins with no case or mat. Both are nicely mounted together in acid free matting and ready to be framed. A great ID'd grouping
of a KIA Union Soldier  $425.00

I20. Union Soldier CDV- he's sitting in a chair wearing his uniform, "John  Tryon"  on  the back of the CDV, clear image  $45.00

I21. Union Officer CDV- Stamp on back, Philadelphia B/M, signed by John Collins, 58th Pennsylvania, very fine image  $75.00  SOLD

I22. Union Soldier CDV- standing up view of a US Soldier, he's wearing his tall boots and uniform, Washington DC backmark  $35.00

I23. Union "Boy" Soldier-  standing up view, he's wearing his uniform/boots and holding his hat, clear image, Stamp on back, Springfield backmark, too young to be fighting in my opinion, hard to believe youngsters his age were in the Civil War  $39.00

I24. Union Officer CDV- standing view by a chair, wearing uniform and proud of it, clear image, D. Prescott- 10th New Hampshire Inf.   $65.00

I25. Union Officer CDV- Boston B/M, 44th Mass. Volunteer Militia, Capt. J. M. Richardson, clear image  $65.00

I26. Union Officer CDV- signed by John Cellar, clear image  $59.00

I27. Lucius Q. C. Lamar Autograph- 1911 photo of him from a book, autograph, and history expertly framed & matted. He served as Lt. Colonel of the 18th Mississippi. Very Fine condition $195.00


M1.  Civil War Original Chess Box - wooden, with 1 chess piece, VG condition.  $29.00

M2.  Civil War Union Officer Epaulette - dug in North Miss., fine condition. Was $85.00 SOLD  
M3. Indian Axe Head - charcoal black rock, 5" long- 1 1/2" width, grooved, fine $75.00
M4. Pair of Civil War Bone Dice - fine condition, numbers are black and clear  $15.00

M5. 1830-1840 Shako Rossette- with both hooks, excellent condition    $65.00  SOLD

M6. Slave Trade Bracelet - very fine condition, Heavy brass, used to trade for Slaves or worn by slaves, hard to come by  $45.00   

M7. Child's Slave Trade Bracelet - made for a small child, very hard to come by, VF condition, Heavy brass bracelet, used to trade for slaves or worn by slaves  $55.00  

M8. Civil War Smoking Pipe - used by both sides to pass time, fine condition   $9.00

M9. Early 1800's-1850 Silver Cross- handmade, very unique & ornate, Rare.   $35.00

M10. Gaming Marker(1740-1840) -Used in Loo & Poker games, made from Mother of Pearl, shaped like a fish and finely engraved  $19.00

M11. Civil War Ivory Game Markers - pair of Game markers, made of Ivory, used by soldiers to pass time  $25.00

M12. Spanish/Colonial Period Wedding Ring- ornate, dug in a Settlement used by Spanish and Colonial people  $25.00

M13. Spanish/Colonial Period Earrings-  ornate, made of brass, hard to come by, fine condition  $25.00

M14. Pewter Bell- no clapper, made of pewter, fine condition, dug in a Civil War Camp  $35.00

M15. Spanish Decoration For Cavalry Horse- very fine condition, Ornate, Rare  $25.00

M16. Spanish/Colonial Period Baby Rattle- dug in a Settlement used by Spanish and Colonial Period Settlers, fine condition, still Rattles which is amazing, Rare  $35.00

M17. Civil War Coffee Boiler- with handles, fine condition $95.00

M18. Musket or Rifle Nipple Wrench Gun Tool- dug near Vicksburg  $12.00   SOLD

M19. Civil War Tea Can- with Top, very fine condition  $45.00

M20.Seated Liberty 1851 Dated Dime-  VG condition $13.00 SOLD   

M21.Seated Liberty 1861 Dated Dime-  VG condition $13.00   SOLD

M22. Octagon Heel Plate- octagon design in the center, very rare, dug in Tenn., fine condition  $39.00

M23. USN Observer Rating Patch-   Original non dug  patch of the USN. Measures about 2 5/8" x 3 1/4". Very Fine condition.   $35.00

M24. Confederate Isaac Campbell Knapsack Hook- made of iron which is Rare, dug at Middle TN    $85.00

M25. Civil War Soldier's Traveling Box or Kit- Wooden Box with handle and compartments/ mirror on the inside. Contains Tin Cup, Shaving Brush, Straight Razor, Metallic Strop with original cover, Lye Soap in holder which is marked "World's Fair- London, 1851- Philadelphia", and a Shear-Top Glass Bottle, Awesome Combination Was $275.00, * Spring Price $225.00 *

M26. Rifle Trumpet Hat Pin - with chain still attached, very fine, Rare- Was $225.00,
* Spring Price $175.00

M27. Civil War Confederate Prisoner of War Art -  two pieces of  pig rib bones, carved on by CS Soldier. One piece is 2 1/2 inches long by 2/3's of an inch wide with Eagle carved on one side and Cannon and Balls on the other side. The other piece is 3 1/3 inches long by 1 inch wide with Rebel Flag, Eagle, and Cannon with Stack of Balls. Nice detail, very cool looking items  $250.00   SOLD

M28. Early 1800's- Civil War Period Silversmith's Hammer - with original wooden handle, fine condition, seldom seen Tool  $75.00

M29. Civil War Iron Knuckles - dug near Port Hudson, Iron is solid and in nice condition, hard to come by item  $275.00  SOLD

M30. Lead Poker Chip - Soldier put a Star on one side, and played on the other side(hashes) $8.00   SOLD

M31. Silver 1854 Half Dollar - made into an ID, "CLC" and fancy design on one side and Lady Liberty, 1854 on the other side, with T-Bar pin for wearing $95.00   SOLD

M32. Union Jeff Davis Hat Pin - dug near Mansfield, LA- Fine condition, no cracks, smooth dark brown petina, nice Hat Pin,  $125.00  SOLD

M33. Original Slave Shackles- recovered from the Slave Courters at Buffalo Forge Plantation in Virginia, comes with Letter of Provenance, Excellent condition and Rare  $425.00 SOLD

M34. Civil War Navy Sewing Needle - for repairing Sails, Fine condition  $20

M35. Civil War Medical Officer's Hat Cord - Green/White Cord, Very Fine condition, Rare $125.00   SOLD

M36. Civil War Bugle Infantry Hat Pin
-  non dug, nice brown old aged petina, from Bannerman's Civil War Collection, Very Fine condition  $65.00

M37. Civil War Brass Tompion with Cork - 58 claiber, Non Dug, Very Fine condition  $29.00

M38. Pair of Civil War Brass Campsite Candle Holders - VF condition, seldom seen item, Non Dug, a must for any Camp Site Collector  $165.00

M39. Civil War Lock - body made of Iron, brass key cover plate with "DM & Co" on it, VG condition, dug in New Orleans, LA   $26.00

M40. Civil War Lock -  body is iron, brass key cover with "W & Co" on it, dug in New Orleans, LA- VG condition $26.00

M41. 1830 Iron Lock - VG condition   $25.00  SOLD

M42. Complete Civil War Shovel - excellent specimen of a 140 year old shovel, has a few small crackin handle and one in blade but overall super looking, Seldom seen in this condition and complete   $165.00  SOLD

M43. Large 1851 Dated Brass Bucket - Fine condition, "H.W. Haydens/Patent/Dec. 16, 1851" on bottom of the bucket, Very Rare, $175.00

M44. Large CS Company Letter "I" Hat Insignia - with hooks, dug near at Bovina in a CS Camp, VG condition  $58.00  

M45. Large CS Company Number "1" Hat Insignia - with one hook, dug near Bovina, MS in a CS Camp, VG condition  $55.00

M46. Union Jeff Davis Hat Pin -  VG condition, dug near Bovina, MS  $105.00  SOLD

M47. Union Jeff Davis Hat Pin - VG condition, missing small portion at Top, still has one nice hook which is seldom seen, dug near Bovina, MS   $105.00  SOLD

M48. Ship Pike/Hook Tool - made of Iron, hand forged, VG condition, dug near Big Black River  $75.00

M49. Civil War Period Brass ChamberStick- for a Candle, type used by Soldiers in Camp, Fine Condition  $45.00

M50. US 1861 Allegheny Arsenal Saddle Shield - Very Fine condition, Rare  $75.00

M51. Colt Bullet Mold - non dug, Colt's Patent, made of brass, VG condition  $85.00

M52. Colt Bullet Mold - made of iron, VF condition, non dug   $75.00

M53. "USS OHIO" Water Container(Barrel) - the USS Ohio was launced in 1820 and served until 1875. This Water Container is in Very Fine condition. It has "USS Ohio/22" on the wood and a Supply Officer Paper Seal on the side. The two handles and barrel bands are still there and in excellent condition, Super Cool item. This was taken home by some sailor and taken
care of.  $950.00

M54. 1857 Silver Dime made into a Brooch - fancy design on front, pin on back, Rare relic, bought from a Collector that collected Unique items, Fine condition  $75.00

M55. Sweetheart Love Token- made from a Type 1 Gold Coin, Fine condition, "LLC" on back, Rare  $125.00

M56. 1863 Indian Head Store Token- "Grocer" on back, VG condition  $19.00

M57. 1841 Silver Dime Love Token- VG condition, "HA" in fancy Script on back  $35.00

M58. 1839 New Orleans Silver Dime- made in New Orleans, LA- AG condition  $16.00

M59. 1864 Two Cent Coin- AG condition, Civil War dated  $15.00  SOLD

M60. 1864 Two Cent Coin- Good condition  $13.00

M61. 1865 Two Cent Coin- AG condition  $17.00  SOLD

M62. GAR Broadside - Memorial Services/ Harvey Holt Post, No. 15/ Lyndeboro, NH/ On Wednesday, May 30th, 1900.  In fine condition.  It measures 11X5.5 inches.  $15.00   SOLD

M63. Another GAR broadside-  from the same post but for a memorial service, Sunday, May 27, 1894. This one measures 12.25X6 inches and is also in fine condition.  $15.00   SOLD

M64. Brown Bess Bayonet- Revolutionary War to 1812 Period, Very Fine condition, Crown & SH Proof Marks on blade, Rare Bayonet  $155.00  SOLD

M65. New CD of Raising of the "Cairo"
-  made by a friend of mine, Ken Parks, one of the men that helped raise the Cairo  $19.95

M66. Cavalry "Heart" Stirrup-  dug in a CS Camp in Texas, made of iron, with a "Heart" design, VG condition  $95.00   SOLD

M67. 1853 New Orleans Quarter- Very good condition, with Rays & Arrows, "O" stamped,
Scarce Coin  $35.00
M68. Model 1858 Tin Canteen- VG condition    $165.00

M69. Civil War Dominos- two Dominos in a Case   $20.00

M70. "CS" Lead Poker Chip- a Confederate Soldier flattened a bullet, made it round and stamped  "CS"  in fancy letters on one side, dug at Bovina, MS   $95.00

M71. Brass Heart with "7" stamped in the middle- thick brass Heart made into a pendant and has "7" stamped on it, possible Regimental Number and Corp Badge, dug at Bovina, MS $55.00

M72. Union Officer's Spur- dug in Central MS, vf condition, Rare Spur   $95.00

M73. One Dollar Gold Coin(1851)
- fine condition, Rare 1851 dated United States $1.00 Gold Coin  $145.00

M74. Civil War Wallet- made of leather, VG condition  $36.00

M75. Eagle Top- made of brass, top of some kind of container, droop winged eagle with Stars,
unique relic  $25.00

Paper Items

P1.  Gettysbury Centennial Stamp (1863-1963) - fine condition.    $4.00
P2  Wilderness Centennial Stamp (1864-1964) - fine condition.    $4.00
P3.  Connecticut Envelope - Great Seal of Connecticut, fine condition.  Was  $20.00,  Clearance Price $12.00 
P4.  Confederate General F. M. Cockrell Autograph - fine condition.  $145.00
P5. 1863 10 Cent Georgia Note - with state seal stamp, very good condition.  $20.00
P6. Florida Envelop e - very fine condition, "Florida Secession" & Eagle on the front    $95.00
P7. Virginia Envelope - fine condition, State Seal on the front  $65.00
P8. Boston Daily Journal Newspaper(March 9, 1863) -  good condition, news from Vicksburg  $12.00
P9. Boston Daily Journal Newspaper(Jan. 18, 1863) - Gen. Forrest on the Cumberland River, VG condition  $20.00
P10. Boston daily Journal Newspaper(Aug. 9, 1864) - Union navy at Mobile, plus many other Civil War Stories, VG condition   $20.00
P11. 5 Boston Newspapers from May 1865 - Lincoln Conspiracies, VG condition, very sought after among collectors   ALL 5 for $100.00
P12. Envelope Addressed by Jeff Davis - very good condition, Rare  $195.00
P13. Unusual Cover(Envelope )- addressed to 2nd Lieutenant James Dole , 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Washington DC- What makes this rare and unusual is the blood stain in the left corner on the front which is human(tested in Lafayette, LA)- VG condition $95.00P
P14. Union Patriotic Envelope - with Eagle & Flag in upper left corner, very fine condition  $12.00  SOLD
P15. Union Patriotic Envelope - with Two Crossed flags in upper left corner, very fine condition  $12.00  SOLD
P16. Unnatched German Regiment For Illinois - RARE Union broadside for the recruitment of an unattached regiment for the State of Illinois. Dated March 14, 1861. 6 1/2 by 10 1/2 inches.  Printed on heavy paper, completely in German, using Fraktur type.  $450.00
P17. (1857) Summons from Madison County, MS - signed by William Priestley who was the Confederate Postmaster and well known Mississippian, fine condition  $10.00
P18. "Confederate Green" 10th Tennessee Regiment Print - Limited edition, #327 of 750, with Certificate of Authenticity, Rare Print, by Michael Gnatek, Excellent condition, already Professionally Framed and Matted with pocket for Certificate on back,  $250.00
P19. "Letter from Home" Army of Northern Virginia Print - Limited Edition, with Certificate of Authenticity, Rare Print, by Mort Kunstler(Famous Artist), #567
of 1150, Excellent condition, already Professionally Framed and Matted with pocket on back for Certificate $250.00
P20. Memphis, TN 1855 Newspaper- Fine condition, numerous Slave Ads, Nathan Bedford Forrest Slave Ad- Rare   $225.00
P21. Confederate Cover(Envelope)- from CS Infantry, man was in the 53rd Georgia Infantry, barely legible but there, Rare   $65.00
P22. US Revenue 2 Cent Stamp- blue stamp with Washington, 1864 dated, Fine condition $4.00

Antique Weapons

W1.  Civil War Boot Pistol - designed like an Allen Pistol, but not an Allen.  Percussion firing system, action works, made by small company - Rare, 5 inch barrel. Was $265.00,   * Spring Price $235.00 *   SOLD 

W2. Civil War Double Barrell Shotgun - action works, percussion firing system, made by Manton, Stock has a small crack but has been repaired, VG condition, highly used by
CS Cavalry during the Civil War,     $265.00   SOLD    

W3. Civil War Boot Pistol - VG condition, percussion firing system,  $245.00   

W4. LeFaucheux Pinfire Revolver - Import, nice grips, VG condition,  used by North & South Troops during the Civil War, 7MM Pinfire, 6 shot cylinder, $250.00        

W5. Double-Barrel Boot Pistol - percussion firing system, looks like a small shotgun, used by North & South Troops during the Civil War,  Serial#47, Fine condition $275.00           

W6. Civil War Boot Pistol - VG condition, Large Caliber Pistol, styled like a London Pistol, action works, Liege Marks on Barrel, Unique pistol  $235.00

W7. Mid 1850's French Import Artillery Sword - fine condition, used during Civil War by both sides  $275.00  SOLD

W8. 1850- Civil War Period Half Stock Rifle - percussion firing system, good condition, with ramrod, action works, Maker's name on Lockplate- George Goulcher, Engraving on lockplate and hammer  $350.00

W9 Civil War Musician's Sword- the sword was made by Gebruder Weyersberg of Germany(maker's mark on blade) and imported and sold by Horstman Brothers of Philadelphia,
#77 on hilt, light engraving on blade which is rare, VG condition   $265.00

W10. Civil War Boot Pistol- European Marked on frame , Fish Head hammer, action works, Brass Diamond Shaped Shield on Grip for Soldier's Initials, place on end of barrel for attaching a knife, Rare Boot Pistol  $275.00   SOLD

W11. 1860 Cavalry Sword & Scabbard- Import Model, with Leather & Wire, Fine overall condition  $575.00   SOLD

W12. 1850 Foot Officer Sword- Early version, as it has a sharkskin wrapped grip. This one
has a nice blue sharkskin grip, about 98% all there, no wire, the grip is tight, and the gaurd has a nice plum brown to it. The floral work in the gaurd is very nice with lots of detail. Some gold gilt can still be seen on the gaurd. The blade on this is quite nice, it is about 8 out of 10 on the scale.  The blade has it's full length, and is a nice slate grey color with NO chips in the blade, and No sharpening to it, and no bends. At the base of the blade are 2 oval shaped marks, one with a crown (B) in it, and the other with Crown (G) and on the spine it has the full Klingenthal markings in script writing, very nice Officer's Sword    $375.00   SOLD

W13. Foot Artillery Short Sword- Original Civil War Foot Artillery Short Sword. All brass hilt has great untouched old age patina. Guard is stamped with number #211 similiar to some stamped in the South during the Civil War, Fine condition  $325.00  SOLD  

W14. 1840 Cavalry Sword with Scabbard- Model 1840 Cavalry Saber imported from Germany.  The maker of this sword was C.R. Kirschbaum.The grip is missing the majority of the leather, but all the wire wrap is present.  The brass guard is marked WV (? West Va) and with a cross (see photos).  The blade is straight with a nice patina.  No pitting, no sharpening, no grinding marks.  The knight head on the ricasso is very clear. The scabbard is also very nice, with a dark plumb patina.  Also marked with the knight's head on the drag. $545.00  SOLD

W15. Foot Artillery Short Sword- Original Civil War Foot Artillery Short Sword. All brass hilt, Guard is stamped with number 236 similiar to some stamped in the South during the Civil War, VG condition, with Leather Scabbard which is rarely ever seen, Scabbard is all there but in poor condition, hard to find a complete one  $365.00  SOLD

W16. 1840 Cavalry Sword with Scabbard- This is a very good imported sword by K&C.The sword has the metal scabbard,brass hilt,wonderful black leather wrap with brass twisted wire.The entire sword is original. The blade is in super condition with bright blade and NO dings.The blade is marked on both sides and clearly visible.The scabbard is complete with both rings.I believe that K&C supplied swords during the Civil War to both Union and Confederate troops. The sword is marked K&C on one side and Iron Proof on the other.The sword fits perfectly into the scabbard, has no play in the handle and a wonderful wrap with twisted wire.This is a wonderful Sword used in the War by both North and South  $545.00  SOLD  

W17. Union 1862 Musician's Sword- VG condition, marked "US/AHC/1862" on Blade $275.00

W18. Allen & Wheelock Sidehammer .22 Rimfire Revolver- Sidehammer Revolver,
.22 rimfire, made by Allen & Wheelock, c. 1858-1862, 7 shot, spur-trigger, 3" octagon barrel, . Mechanically in fine condition, indexes, and locks up properly. Strong mainspring. Excellent walnut grips. Strong barrel markings: "Allen & Wheelock, Worcester, Ms. U.S. / Allen's Pat's. Sept. 7, Nov. 9, 1858". Only 1,500 made, Rare, these were carried as sidearms in the Civil War, VF condition   $425.00  SOLD   

W19. Allen & Thurber Bar Hammer Pistol- Single-shot percussion, double action pistol. Approx. .30 caliber with 2" part-octagon / part-round barrel. Hammer marking "Allen's Patent". Working "snap action". One trigger pull cocks & fires pistol, Serial  # "984" stamped on bottom of barrel.  Wood grips, made 1830's to Civil War period, Rare- only 2,000 made, Very Fine condition  $325.00   SOLD  

W20. 1840 Cavalry Sword- with leather and wire, Import- highly used by CS Cavalry, Very Fine condition  $325.00   SOLD

W21. Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver- Serial #292394, action works, small repair on grip, well marked on Barrel, VG condition    $590.00  SOLD

W22. Allen & Wheelock 32 Sidehammer Revolver- made 1859-1862, action works, Brass Framed- Extremely Rare, less then 100 produced, "W and Serial #39" on Cylinder, Fine condition, $695.00  SOLD

W23. Allen & Wheelock Pistol- 32 caliber, Rimfire, SShot, unique swing out Barrel design,
action works, Very Fine condition, made early 1860's, only 1,000 produced,  Barrel marked
"Allen & Wheelock", Rare  $375.00  SOLD

W24. Allen & Wheelock 32 Sidehammer Revolver- action works, made 1859-1862, only 1000 produced, Serial #415, Very Fine condition, 32 Rimfire, 6 Shot Cylinder, Rare  $475.00

W25. US 1823 Harper's Ferry Musket- "US" on Butt Plate, Fine condition, 3 banded, with ramrod, converted to percussion, "Harper's Ferry/1823" on Lockplate, hard to come by this nice
$1250.00  ON HOLD

W26. Brass Framed Boot Pistol- percussion firing system, marked "ELG/1791/PV" on Barrel, Brass Framed which is Very Rare and seldom seen, VG condition  $295.00

W27. Foot Artillery Sword- Import with Large Brass Handle, found in a CS Camp in Texas, Good condition to be dug  $195.00  SOLD

W28. Union 1865 Cavalry Sword-
with Scabbard, has Leather and part of Brass Wire, Guard has crack in one branch but still looks nice, "US/1865" marked Blade, VG condition  $595.00

W29. William Muir & Co Rifle- lockplate has "1863/William Muir & Co/Windsor" on it,
VG condition, cut down to lighten the weight, with Ramrod   $375.00

W30. Rare 1840 Cavalry Sword- with nice scabbard, with Iron Hilt, has wood grip, blade is very nice, unmarked Import, I have never seen one like this, possibly a German Import for Tiffany, obviously a maker that didn't make many swords, extremely scarce sword  $625.00

W31. Import Short Sword-
brass handle & guard, VG condition, used by both sides during the Civil War, "B11R165" stamped on guard   $275.00

W32. Import Roman Style Short Sword- Scabbard & Sword are stamped #27, with Leather Scabbard which is in excellent condition(Scarce to come by), Sword is in super fine condition, this is one of the best short swords I have ever seen, used by North & South troops during the Civil War $395.00

W33. US 1864 Mansfield & Lamb Sword- with Scabbard, blade is marked US/JM/1864 on one side and Mansfield & Lamb/Forrestdale/RI on the other side. with leather, VG condition,  $725.00

W34. 1860 Cavalry Sword with Scabbard- blade is marked Henry Solingen, with traces of leather, has brass wire, VG condition, used by North & South Troops during the
Civil War  $595.00


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Terms & Conditions

  • Forms of payment accepted are check (personal checks must clear bank before order will be shipped), cashier check or money order. Make checks payable to Dan Patterson .
  • All items are authentic Civil War era/usage unless otherwise specified. You may return any item within five (5) days for full refund minus shipping. Be sure to insure any returns.  Returned items are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  Returned items must be in same UNALTERED, UNCLEANED, UNCHANGED CONDITION as they were shipped. Any modification to the item will VOID the return policy. Notification by phone or email is required before any return is authorized.
  • The item will be held for 7 days for the payment to arrive. If payment is not received within 7 days, the item will be resold to the reserve caller.
  • All items are shipped UPS unless otherwise requested. Shipping and insurance will be added to the total cost of your order.
  • Layaways are available with 1/3 down and the balance due within 60 days. If full payment is not received within 60 days - unless other arrangements are made - item will be returned to stock and all payments forfeited.
  • When ordering please give catalog number and full description of item.
  • We buy whole collections or single pieces, so keep us in mind if you have Civil War items for sale. Trades will also be considered.